Knockoff question

  1. I know it's wrong to buy counterfeit purses, for example, a "Fendi B" bag that certainly is not a Fendi B.

    But is it wrong to buy knockoffs, like this Melie Bianco bag, especially when I'd never ever be able to afford a Fendi B?

    Here's a better pic of that Melie Bianco bag:
  2. I don't have any ethical problem with buying an "inspired" bag but I do think that's a steep price for a PVC bag. Have you seen the new line of bags that Rafe did for Target? They're PVC too, but much cuter IMO and cheaper. Maybe check those out if you're interested, they're at
  3. LOL in the short time I have been here I can tell you you will get replies that are all over the map on that one!

    There are people who do find it offensive that people who cannot afford to pay $1500 or $2000 for a bag should carry any bag that looks like one, even if THEY can tell the difference. They simply have some strong feelings about which, if any, bags people with lower incomes should use.

    And then you will get me, :P who will tell you that if you can get a bag whose look you like at Target for $10, why would you want to pay $300 for one that looks like it? I think that would be 30 of the $10 ones, but I'm not too good with numbers.

    And yet other people who will tell you that the $300 bag is better quality, and yet others who will argue that it is better to spend the extra money quite independently of that.

    So probably the best answer is, it depends on what you are hoping the bag will do. If you want it to hold things, and look good with a particular outfit, then you are not going to arrive at the same conclusion as someone who is hoping the bag will make a statement to all who recognize it that they have a bag by a particular designer, and/or a bag that costs a great deal of money.

    When you think about it, there is plenty of cultural and historical precedent for that - in many cultures, it is customary for ladies to wear the entire family's wealth - even the wealth of an entire tribe or clan, in some cases - very visibly on her person, in the form of coins, jewelry, precious metals, etc. It's a time-honored human behavior - as is the idea that the poor should not be able to wear the same things as the nobility!

    And it is also time-honored human behavior for some of us to do the ancient cultural equivalent of going to Target and getting the one for $10 because it is the perfect color to wear with our new gray (Lee) jeans! ;)

    Isaac Mizrahi said it best:
    "That's what style is - not pleasing everybody"
  4. This is a very subjective area. To simplify things, I guess as long as you stay within the law you are ok.
  5. Oh Shimma, I always enjoy reading your posts. I fall into the "quality" area, and that just basically means that I WOULD rather pay more for a leather bag. I think when the numbers go upwards of 50 dollars on a pvc bag, (especially insired) I have to wonder what I am paying for. As stated before, there are vinyl bags that are SWEET at Target and designed by Rafe just for them. They are all under 50 dollars. That being said, I actually rather like Melie Bianco bags. Not all of them, but many of them are very cute and, for what they are, well made. They do not represent to be anything other than Melie B. and they offer a means for a younger crowd or folks with 5 digit salaries to own a slice of fashion. Not all the time, but most of the time, they are different in their own ways from the original design they are inspired by. If you like the bag, at least it is not illegal, despite what some folks may have to say about how ethical it is. If you decide to buy it, then I would be happy for you that you found a bag that you like and can afford. If you are worried about being judged for buying it, you can always save for the real thing(though the risk is that by the time you save up, there will be another bag you desire more-maybe another arguement to save for the real thing?) Finally, I am in agreement that this is a high price for a PVC bag, and knowing Melie B., I think you may be able to shop around and find a sale or better price. :shrugs:
  6. I agree with everyone that $70 is a steep price to pay for what is essentially a plastic purse, but if you really like it, go ahead and get it. If it makes you happy, that's all that matters.
  7. LOL djgirl, I know you stopped talking to me and started talking to the original poster somewhere waay before that sentence! :biggrin:

    And thank you for the compliment!
  8. Thanks for the tip on the Target bags! I don't care what anyone thinks - I just like the style. But I've been reading so much on counterfeit bags lately - and then there was that whole Target-Coach thing - that I wanted to ask.
  9. Here's some more about that:

    According to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, the Coach bags that Minneapolis-based Target Corp. has been selling are authentic. On Monday, Target said its Coach purses "were purchased at a major department store liquidation sale." Target's comment came in announcing that Coach Inc., a luxury leather-goods maker, has dismissed its lawsuit accusing Target of selling a counterfeit version of one of its purses. "As we have stated before, we have procedures in place to assure us the product we sell to our guests is authentic," Target said in its statement, adding that the company will not pay any damages to Coach as a part of the dismissal. Target spokeswoman Carolyn Brookter told the Pioneer Press: "The dismissal does not prohibit Target from carrying Coach bags. There was no agreement that called for us to discontinue carrying or discontinue selling them."

    More at Link
  10. Speaking of Coach, I was in TJ Maxx today and saw the biggest piece of junk that Coach has ever made. It was 60 dollars at TJ Maxx, and it felt like a 5 dollar piece of junk. It was soooooo shoddy. I was really unimpressed. I cannot understand how they can have such a varriation on what they sell. Some of the leather bags are really nice quality, but this thing, to be truthful, they should have been ashamed to put their logo on it. Target bags AND Melie bags are nicer than this was?!:wtf:
  11. ^^^Huh, what Coach bag was it? I've never even seen a $60 Coach bag at TJ Maxx, it seems like all the Coachs at my TJ Maxx are only about 20% below retail, still really expensive. I'm surprised...
  12. It was this odd bright pink plaid flannel kind of thing with a black patent handle. I was shocked at how cheap it felt. Like an old flannel shirt. That thin. And it was only about as big as a makeup bag. And it also was kind of pilled up.(the fabric) I liked the hot pink to it, that is about all.
  13. I absolutely DO NOT agree with buying a COUTERFEIT, FAKE or REPLICA bags-the ones that are emblazoned with Fendi logos when they are clearly NOT the real deal.

    ...Except the bag you posted wouldn't be considered any of the above.
    It's VERY obviously inspired by the Fendi B and IMO, if you can't afford one but you love the look and style of that bag, then a bag like that would be a nice and affordable option.

    I do agree with those who say there is better quality to be found in high end bag, as I own both kinds.
  14. "inspired by" bags don't bother me as much as knock offs. I noticed so many bags, shoes, and clothes are copied from the high end designers. It wasn't until I started following fashion that I realized so many things are copied and I wouldn't know any different if I didn't read about fashion.
  15. ^^I totally agree with Sratsey. Couldn't have said it better.