Knocked Up (spoilers....)

  1. I couldn't find any posts w/ this as the main topic when I searched, if I'm repeating, I'm sorry in advance!

    ...But, OMG :nuts:....

    I loved LOVED the movie. My friend wouldn't go with me because I always choose "bad" movies, but I went with another friend who'd seen it the day before but he still wanted to see it again! My friend who didn't see it is kicking herself. I'm going to see it again, it was just SO good. I've never been in a theater where people laughed SO hard that I couldn't hear bits of dialogue! It was a non-stop incredible movie. I adored the chair scene too, w/ Paul Rudd! So many good quotes, too! what did everyone else think?
  2. Yay!! I wanted to see this movie and ended up going by myself. It was hilarious and I can see myself going again. I'll definitely buy it when it comes out on dvd.

    Anyone who liked the Freaks and Geeks tv show will be glad to see some of it's actors still out there working. I really appreciated the use of pop culture references...movies like swingers, back to the future and murderball were quoted. High-fives to people that get the murderball references.

    Even though it gets a little lost in the whole romantic comedy thing, it's still clever enough to engage a lot of different people.

  3. I loved it, too. I'll have to rent it because people were laughing so hard at the funny parts, I missed a few parts of the dialogue!
  4. I was just looking to see if there was a thread on this... I was a little hesitant to see it, mostly because my brother said he liked it, so that's usually a sign I won't like it! But I loved it too, so sweet and very funny. Janos, same thing, totally missed some lines so I'll have to rent/buy it to catch what I missed.
  5. I loved this movie! One of my favorite movies of the year. I was dying with laughter the whole movie. It was super funny but also super sweet. I loved Freak and Geeks so it was nice to see all of the (well most) Freaks and Geek guys on the big screen.
  6. I would definitely recommed it! It was serious topic yet funny!
  7. I loved it too!!! In addition to the hilarious writing and characters, Kathryn is just so pretty to watch! Definitely one of my favorites.
  8. It was very funny! Will likely own this on dvd. I thought Kristen Wiig was also fantastic...I remember her from Joe Shmoe!
  9. Loved it! My favorite part is the doggy style comment. Hilarious! And Katherine is so pretty.
  10. SUCH a funny movie! Kind of raunchy (But it was really sweet, too.)

    I saw it with my parents this weekend. I did NOT sit with them.

    If you liked The 40 Year Old Virgin, you'll like this one, too. It had the same director and a lot of the same actors.

    I got this from imdb:

    Anne Hathaway was originally cast as "Alison Scott" in this film but dropped out due to creative issues with the script. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Bosworth auditioned for the part after Hathaway dropped out but ended up losing to Katherine Heigl.

    (wikipedia mentions what the exact 'creative issues' were but I won't say, because it gives away some of the movie, so please PM me if you want to know.)

  11. Caitlin, interesting, i didn't know that about Anne Hathaway originally being cast for that role... I'm not a fan of hers, so I actually probably would not have seen the movie due to her involvement, so I'm glad she dropped out of it:smile:
  12. I LOVED this movie!!!! It was so funny
  13. I'm glad I saw it, but I feel like the only person in the world that is not eager to see it again!!
    Haha, I understand it was funny... but sometimes I don't like that "dirty humor"
    I love Izzie though!! :biggrin:
  14. My girl friend and I saw this movie last Friday and it was hilarious. A little to many sex scenes for my taste but the movie overall had me laughing out loud at parts.
  15. yes, i watched it earlier this week with my boyfriend and a few other couples. the movie was alright, i had a couple laughs here and there. What annoyed me was that the entire theatre ROARED with laughter every 5 seconds. I mean, cmon, it wasn't THAT funny. lols that's one reason why i dislike going to movie theatres. i much prefer buying the dvds later on and watching it quietly at home with my sweetie. it's much more enjoyable and romantic.