Knocked Up in Lapis... a mini-review


Nov 15, 2006
Hi Minkettes!

Well, I finally received my Knocked Up and have to say I am pretty impressed. I loved the fact that it doesn't look like a babybag, and when its life as a baby bag has ended - i can use it as a regular bag.

Here it is next to my MAM

Side shot:


The Knocked up has additional side pockets as well.

Inside the bag:

The lining is waterproof (apparently -- haven't tested it yet!) and has a plastic feel to it. Which is good to know in case there are any milk leaks from baby bottles or food etc. There are 4 pockets (two at the top of the photo are deep and flat, two on the sides are more for small bottles etc.

An example of what I might carry:

Baby blanket/wrap, baby Wipes, nappies, change of baby clothes, scented nappy bag (for dirty nappies), toy, small insulated bag (the black cube at the top - medela brand if anyone is curious) for bottles, breast pump (in the grey bag) and the RM change mat

All of the above (minus blanket) in the bag

with the blanket on top...

And there is still ample room for my phone, wallet etc. I haven't even utilised the outside zip pocket (which would hold flatter objects).

Weight wise i didn't find it too heavy (another worry of mine) -- but will update if this changes after carrying it around for a day out with my baby!

Hope this mini review helps anyone looking to buy this bag.
Jun 10, 2008
WOW Reyrey!!! This is sooooo cool & I am really digging this bag!! I certainly know what I am going to ask for whenever I get KNOCKED UP!!! :graucho:

Thanks so much for this reveal...I have never seen it being used yet & it looks really good, while being very functional!!! :woohoo:


Let's Go Caps!
Nov 1, 2008
If you had to carry a diaper bag, what more stylish way can you do so by carrying a Knocked Up? I love how roomy it is. It can definitely double as a work bag for your laptop and all. That Lapis is gorgeous! Congrats!