Knock off

  1. Hi everyone, as everyone knows someone tried to sell me a fake leonor anyway some angels from purse forum and eBay members saved me. Ok so she wont resolve dispute by mutually agreeing not to continue sale.I dont know what else to do I dont want to leave her feedback i just dont want a fake 1200.00 dollar purse. Contacted eBay she doesnt answer me. Called her twice emailed like 10 times she wont answer so item says I havent paid yet, I havent i dont want too. How can I resolve?
  2. Try live support on Ebay they may be able to offer you further advice i wish you luck :smile:
  3. by contacting ebay, do you mean you have opened a dispute/claim? the worse thing that happens is that you get a npb strike. make your case with ebay, and let them sort this thing out. did she claim to have reciept?
  4. Once I got similiar experience with fake mobile, I contact eBay, report the auction page & seller to eBay as he abuse eBay system, repelica & conterfeit rules, etc then I ask eBay to re-view the auction page. Seller won't do mutual agreement, too! But finally, eBay suspended his acc :push: