knock off knock off SUCK!!

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  1. Ladys there is a person selling lot and lots of knonk off louis vuitton at my mall there are at less then 60 or eve more she had 60 scarves like what should i do ?
  2. i dont now.
  3. I've seen these little carts before selling horrible fakes. If I am feeling particularly ballsy, and if the salesperson looks like they are easily intimidated, I approach them and do some "educating." That basically consists of the "why fakes are illegal, bad, tacky, etc." speech. I also report these shops to LV's legal dept on or to a manager in the Customer Care dept at 866-Vuitton. One time in NY I got soooo pissed at a mall vendor who was selling fakes that I called the police and filed a counterfeited merchandise report, right there on my cell phone, while I was standing right in front of their stand! I might have ignored him and laughed at his stupidity, but I overheard him telling people that his items were real. The audacity of him! UGH!! It just makes my blood boil. Who knows if the cops took me seriously... lol... but I felt that it was my civil duty to stick up for LV.
  4. I agree i think the same way.
  5. There is a store in my mall - basically a cobbler and some other shoe-related items but he has a wall full of knock offs. He store is in the corner and unless you went inside you would never know that there are knockoffs in there. As the word spread more and more people started checking out his store and mall security started to notice the increase of traffic to his store. Someone eventually reported him and he was told to remove all the knock offs or else they would shut him down. I think he still has some stuff in there but not out in the open.

    We also have a cart that sells designer inspired bags. They have the LV style but not the actual LV monogram - I can't remember what it has instead. And the Coach bags have G's instead of C's. Prada has the triangle but says Pagoda or something like that instead of Prada. I think a couple people complained but the SA's at the cart don't promote anything as real and don't use any of the actual Trademarked names so I don't think they will be shut down.
  6. Maybe call 866 Vuitton and see what they say. I am sure they will respond appropriately.

  7. ^that would be a smart thing to do.