knock off bag site - are pics of real deal + they send a fake or are they that good?

  1. Hello,

    Have any of you seen this website: Knock Off Bag

    Here is a link to the site:

    I came across this site when I did a search trying to find an authentic Dior Cannage bag and clicked on this website. I was curious and usually laugh at how bad the fakes are. I have looked at their Dior handbags...they are either taking pics of the authentic bags and then sending the buyer a fake, or their fake's are that good, which is a horrible thought.

    I compared a few of my bags I purchased direct from Dior to their bags and even the serial code's are correct. What do you all think?

    For example, check out the pics of this Dior Cannage Drawstring:

    Or their Dior Gaucho:

    Thanks and best wishes!
  2. yes they definitely use original pics. And as they make it clear they sell replicas, you will not receive the bag they show on their pics.:cursing:
  3. how do they get away with this crap??? this is sooo illegal!