Knock, Knock. Who's there? LAMB. New LAMB!!!

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  1. Okay, I've never done this before because I think the whole "reveal" threads are a pain, but....

    I can't resist!!!

    I'm SO excited about this bag I can't even tell you. I found it at a STEAL! So, it's my early-birthday-present to me!!

    Sitting home...
    Hey, there's the UPS truck.
    At my house

    Wait, it can't be here yet!

  2. NEW LAMB!!! :nuts: [​IMG]
  3. What oh what could it be???

    Here's a hint:

    and another....


    Can't tell....okay, guess and I'll be back to post the rest.
  4. OMG! Finally the reveal thread!!!

    Shoot, guesses? Hm.... Something from the Music collection?
  5. Oooooh I have no idea from the pics what it could be. New lamb is so exciting. Can't wait to find out what you got!
  6. Okay, this is cruel and inhuman torture. I'm suing :devil:! I need to know before I can go to bed!

    I have a strange feeling I'm going to be very jealous. Is it something springy?
  7. It's totally "Springy"!!!

    One more teaser....:graucho:
  8. one of the marsala bag.. which one is it yvonne?!?! spilllllllll..
  9. Yvonne!!!!

    What the heck!!??? :faint:
  10. Ooooo I can't wait to see it! Go on, please!!
  11. oooooh thats mean...

    yay for the bag..

    post it already!
  12. Masala? But which one? And I can't believe nothing happened while I was asleep!!!!!
  13. How in the world did you get your hands on this already (for a steal?!?!?!?). Hurry up woman, I got a conf. call at 9!! :nuts:
  14. Oohhhh this is too hard! I'm dying to know which style and the story behind "the steal".

    :whiteflag: I give up, spill the beans!
  15. Still nothing? Geez, Yvonne you are really evil today!!! :P