Knock, Knock.....It's Here!!!! OMG!

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  1. So I'm here posting on the board and I hear knock, knock like 10 minutes ago...I open the door and there it BG whiskey satchel!! I must excuse myself now and go bond with my newest aquisition. I will post pics later. Sadly, my LV green perforated speedy must now be sent to the closet but such is life for the handbag obsessed, right?
  2. Enjoy!
  3. Congratulations! Enjoy it!
  4. Awesome, I can't wait to see pictures ! ;)
  5. I can't believe you are leaving us (with no pics) to go bond! What is this board coming to? When my bag arrived (on Tuesday), I whipped out the camera and photographed everything, posted it, THEN bonded with my bag. Sheesh. JUST KIDDING!!! (Although I really did) Enjoy your new bag and give us pics soon! :nuts:
  6. Congrats! Looking forward to pics!
  7. Here she is! This is such a heavy bag compared to the speedy I've been using the last few weeks. I love her!! She smells so good and the color is awesome. My sweetie even passed by and said "now that looks like a quality bag"!

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  8. Georgeous......Georgeous........Georgeous.......
  9. So beautiful..congrats. Don't you just love the smell and the feel of the soft's slouchy.....awww..heaven!!:nuts:
  10. WOW! That is one good looking bag! I have yet to see the whiskey in person, but that looks JUST AMAZING!!! Is it more orange? And yes...I love the smell of handbags in the morning...:lol:

    All that and a compliment from significant other! You just can't top that!
  11. lovely!!!!!
  12. Beautiful color..congrats on your new purchase...
  13. Gorgeous!!! I'm going to have to take out my whiskey and play with her for awhile!
  14. I'm not sure I would say orange....just VERY vibrant, it screams "look at me"! There is so much detail to the bag that I wasn't aware of.
  15. Funny, I thought I heard it screaming "BUY me" instead! LOL.:lol: It is a beautiful bag! You must be proud!