Knitting: What kind of yarn for this scarf?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm very new to knitting, and hope to knit a black chunky scarf for this Fall/Winter. It's already getting warmer in California, but I figured I should start now and maybe I'll have it finished by fall :P

    What kind of yarn should I use for this kind of chunky scarf? I would prefer something that's warm, and no synthetic materials such as acrylic. I would love to hear any suggestions, and where can I get a pattern for something similar to this? Please help! TIA!!:smile:

    Picture courtesy of the lovely Garance Dore's blog

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  2. an alpaca/wool blend?
    you just need thick needles for knitting chunky scarves. like size 17 :]
    and it'll be SO FAST! def cuts down on the time
  3. I LOVE to knit...and have so many ideas for a scarf like this. You could really go with anything, depending on your price range. There are so, so many lovely yarns out there. Monotreme has a great idea with the alpaca/wool blend, it'll be super warm...just avoid alpaca (or knit something smaller and try it out on yourself first) if your skin is sensitive...I've heard of allergic reactions to mohair and alpaca. I tend to veer towards sensitive, but have had no problems with alpaca so far...I think it's just the yarns I've chosen. The scarf itself doesn't look like a bulky yarn to me...maybe the yarn was doubled? You could really do it either way.
    As for pattern, you could really do looks like a fairly basic scarf. You can get away with it in garter, if you like the ridges, and only know the knit stitch...but it may get boring. A nice seed stitch, perhaps? I think that scarf in the picture may be stockinette stitch (purl one row, knit the next...) but it's hard to tell, and in stockinette the edges of your scarf would curl in. You'd have to decide on whether that would bother you or not.
    I'm not sure if I've been much help...but feel free to PM me if you want to chat more about knitting...I love bags, but they're pretty much my second love, and I buy bags based on whether they can hold my knitting or not! ;)
  4. Yay for knitters! :smile:

    I would suggest alpaca/wool blend also. Or you could try bamboo. I have a skein of bamboo yarn that is really thick but super soft.

    Like ktdydit suggested, you could always double the yarn to "chunk" things up. Good luck!
  5. Love the suggestion of bamboo...super soft stuff, but why is it that it never is the first to come to mind when I think of soft?
  6. Probably because you're thinking of the hard, pokey, leafy stuff like I do! :P

    I ordered just one skein that was on sale in this lovely creme colour because I didn't believe that it could be that I just have half a scarf because I don't want to pay full price for another! :P
  7. LOL I have done that!!! Did you get it online, or in a store? A lot of places will price match if you bring in a competitor's coupon if it was a bix box store you got the yarn at. What type of scarf are you making with it?
  8. Price match?! Really?! Why oh why didn't I know that before?!?!?!

    It's just a regular cable scarf. I'm really not a good knitter...I just started a few years ago, on and off haha. I made it a really wide cable scarf so that way it would really be fluffy around my neck...except that just means I ran out of my yarn even faster haha!

    Do you have pictures of your knitting online? Post some for inspiration haha! All I can do are hats and scarves for now...(Some really ugly scarves :sad: )
  9. I am working on posting my pictures to Ravelry...unfortunately, my laptop died with all of my project pictures on it. Until I get that fixed, my old pictures are just kinda stuck there. I could get my finance to take a few pics with his IPhone, though. :graucho: I love the scarf I am working on now, a feather and fan lace pattern with some really thin yarn.
    I would love to make a cabled scarf! My first attempt with cables didn't end well, and I haven't tried them since. I think I should try again now that I have more experience under my belt. Or, at least fix the first project. It was a blanket for my newborn nephew. He just turned three. ROFL!
    Anyway, yeah about the coupons...can't recall right now if it is Michael's that was the one that I price-matched at, but I save coupons for yarn like crazy. AcMoore has a club that I just learned about, I'm going to check into it, but a girl I worked with got crazy coupons and discounts through it. Look into your local stores coupon policies. They've really helped me build my yarn stash up. Midnight madness sales are good for this, too...oh, and make sure to watch, a lot of the store are shifting what they have in terms of yarn right now because spring is just around the corner! Nice deals there, too!
    (Wow, do I have shopping on the brain, or what?!?)
  10. Ooooo ACMoore club...haha.

    Well I suck at my cabled scarf looks funny. So funny that I think I may have to make it extra long to loop around my neck so no one sees my mistakes. Eep! (I'm still working on making my stitches scarf gets very skinny at one point and then fattens out.)Take some pics please!! I can only IMAGINE doing feather and lace patterns at this point.

    Hahahahah I promised my friend I'd knit him a hat when I started knitting...3 years ago. Still no hat, except this was supposed to be a college colored hat. He graduated already haha!

    I love your shopping brain...I'll have to pick it for more tips when I finally allow myself to buy more yarn. (I went on a binge...6 months ago and haven't used any. :sweatdrop:)
  11. That yarn you have sitting? That is what many knitters will call "stash". You are not alone. I have a whole bunch of this thin and pretty yarn that I was sure I was going to use right away that is still just sitting there, waiting.
    I will definetly have to take some pics. Right now though, it's sitting there, half finished, while I work on another lace scarf. Nothing at all fancy...I just wanted something mindless to work on that didn't look too boring in the end. (It's called the One Row Lace Scarf.)
    Feather and Fan lace is much easier for me than cables. My cabled project was abandoned when the cables somehow got knitting backwards. That's the best way I can describe it...there they are, all neat and in a row going one way, and then all of a sudden there are a few changeovers that go the other way. Sigh.
    You could make your scarf into a cowl, I see a lot of patterns for them online these days, or you could go super long, and the do that thing where you fold the scarf in half and then pull the ends you know what I mean? So hard to describe. It's how I wear this crocheted scarf I made that has a ton of mistakes in it. I can't see them when it's worn like that and tucked into my coat, lol. The thing was a labor of love, one of my first projects with crochet, so I feel like I have to wear it, you know? :smile: Anyway, PM me sometime, I'd love to see that scarf of yours :smile:
    Oh, and AC Moore DOES price match! Woo-hoo! Found that out while buying needles the other day.
  12. How about 100% cotton chenille yarn?
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    I know this is an older thread but I thought why don't you just bind off , seam the cast-on edge with the bind-off edge and wear your scarf like a cowl? Just an idea:biggrin:
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