Knitting Pretty, what bag?

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  1. Well, whenever I'm actually able to I do dabble in a bit of knitting. I have a bag that my DH's dear grandmother gave me but I was thinking Hmm, Let's spice this baby up a bit and make it LV!. I'm thinking I should get a bag just to keep my needles and yarn in for whatever project I'm working on. Any suggestions? DH said I should just get a bigger Neverfull as I have the tiniest right now. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. How about making this cute thing? :p

  3. haha i actually think thats pretty cute john!! haha

    but i think the neverfull would be a cute knitters bag...!
  4. Yes I totally agree with your DH, the GM neverfull! xx
  5. get one of the popincourt bags and u will be one true knitter in the LV sense :nuts: (i think popincourt was first created to carry knitting needles and yarn :heart:)
  6. :tup:great idea!the size and shape should match perfectly!
  7. I say Neverfull, too.
  8. ITA with the Popincourt- that's what it was made for! :tup: Either that or an Epi Sac Triangle, which is pretty much the same bag. Nearly all of them seem to be yellow, but I have seen a green one.
  9. Popincourt or Neverful.
  10. i agree with the popincourt! my popincourt was originally bought because i thought the idea of a knitting bag was so classic!!! now i miss it!
  11. Popincourt or Neverfull get my vote as well!!!! Although, you'll be able to hold more yarn in the Neverfull!
  12. poppincourt!
  13. Neverfull
  14. since the pop was made for that purpose id stay away from it. a sac plat would fit needles and wool nicely, or the neverful is too cute.
  15. Yes, I was going to say the same thing.