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  1. I didn't see a post for WIPs for either knit or crochet so I thought I'd at least start one for knitted works in progress (which for me means at least 2 or more different ones).

    Let's see 'em! :smile:
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    Here's a current one that's a little more than half completed. I actually started it in Oct/Nov but set it down during the holidays. The pattern for the scarf came from the Interweave Knits Fall 08 Special Issue. I loved the look so much I actually made it in the exact yarn/colors as shown in the pattern - unusual for me since if I use a pattern I usually substitute yarns or at least color combos. The yarn in Aslan Trends Artesanal cotton/alpaca/polyamide blend.

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  3. Thanks for starting this thread, Koo! I have a feeling I will be posting here a bunch :rolleyes:

    I love the project you shared! I love the pattern - it looks so intricate and reminds me of ribbons from norwegian scarves!
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    This color is coming out more Kelly green than it is IRL, it is more of a leaf green. At any rate, the cuff of the first sleeve of what will be a cardigan sweater. I bought the yarn over a year ago - completely inspired by a certain pattern in Vogue Knitting, but it just wasn't 'right'. So I waited and contemplated and finally figured out what I wanted to do this past summer - a simple cardigan to show off the kitten-soft cashmere and simple cables at the hem. My Mom did the pattern for me (she is an AMAZING knitter).
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    Hmmm...pick isn't workin' with flickr....
  6. I'm currently making a ruffle scarf!

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  7. ^^ No prob - me too! I really like this pattern too. It's a deceptively simple 4 row repeat of a mesh pattern. Just rows of ssk, k2tog, some yo and two knit rows all on circulars. The bands are very simple color work and probably be good for a beginner looking to branch out. One of those patterns you can easily remember and take along.

    Can't wait to see everyone's work! :yahoo:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Oh, I love this, Izznit! Your project is going to be gorgeous!
  10. Wow! LOVE the texture on the ruffle!
  11. HarleyNemma - Love the cabled hem! The yarn looks so soft!
  12. OK, one more for now. I was inspired by BrooklynTweed's blog to begin this one, an Elizabeth Zimmerman Garter Stitch Blanket. I am using the same yarn, but am up to, ahem, 6,214 yards o' yarn (yes, that is 62 times up and down a football field). I adore this though and my dbf cannot wait for it to be completed. :tender:

    To see the source of my inspiration, I've attached the link to BTs blog (To see it in 'full' Search for: "lovefest".)
  13. ^^^ When it comes to yarn/stitches I am a texture junkie. The color and texture on that are fab! :faint:
  14. ^I totally hear you there! That is why this blanket is sooooo divine! I also love this one because it is a 'no brainer' - knit every row. . . . yeah!
  15. Is that the MJ inspired scarf? I was thinking about making that one & I am so psyched to yours - looks great!