Knitters/Crocheters - What's your favourite yarn to work with?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I ran a quick search, apologies if this has been discussed before. I'm a beginner/intermediate knitter (have been knitting for a few years, started up again after my grandmother had taught me when I was little), but until now I've only worked with acrylics/synthetics. Most natural fibers (wool, etc) make me terribly itchy, to the point that sometimes I get hives!

    That being said, there are so many BEAUTIFUL natural fibers out there and I want to dive in! I visited a huge wool shop last week and saw some Alpaca that was incredibly soft, and I think it would be comfortable to wear.

    Those of you who knit or crochet, what's your favourite yarn to knit with? Do you have any issues wearing wool? I'm obsessed with looking through all the beautiful projects and yarns on ravelry, but thought it would be fun to chat about it here too! :smile:
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  3. Hi there! There are so many yarns out there and I've worked with so many I can't say I have an absolute favorite. I do love certain qualities about certain yarns. Seduce by berroco has an awesome drape to the finished fabric. So does linen and hemp. I love the squishy feel of shepherds wool (it's 100% wool). There is a baby alpaca that is sooo soft. I forgot the company that makes it. I also like the spud and Chloe line. I think the worsted weight is called sweater. Just lately I'm getting obsessed with a yarn called ripple I think by Stacy Charles. It's 100% cotton so it would be a great yarn to try if you react to wool.
  4. ^I've heard of Spud and Chloe, I think I'll give them a shot. I'll also look for the Stacy Charles!

    I just bought a few skeins of Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca for a scarf... can't wait to get started!
  5. If you like the alpaca you have and it doesn't make you itch, there are lots of nice ones out there. Cascade and Misti Alpaca make a nice baby alpaca chunky. Frog Tree makes a good sport weight, and my favorite is Misti Alpaca Tonos Carnaval or HP Sock. The Misti sock weights do have merino, but I don't get itchy from them.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! I don't think that the Alpaca will make me itch, but we'll see once it's knitted up and sitting around my neck, haha. I'll definitely check those out - even if they won't work for me, DBF has recently requested a scarf, and I'm sure he'll love them.
  7. Some of the 100% alpaca yarns I've used shed a little bit while I'm knitting. Those can make my nose a little itchy like the stray cat hairs around here will. You will want to check your lint trap in the dryer when you are knitting a lot. I'm amazed by how much lint from my current WIP ends up in the lint trap even if I don't notice it at the time.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely keep an eye on it.
  9. I love wool and alpaca and cashmere. Merino wool is pretty soft and my wool sensitive mom can wear it. One thing you can do to test if you'll react to a fibre is to tie a string of it around your wrist for a day. has a sample snips subscription where they send you samples every month and those would be perfect to test out different fibres. Happy knitting/crocheting!

    ETA: Elann also has sample cards to show the different colours in their own yarn lines. You could buy a few of those and test those out too.
  10. That's a really cool idea, thanks! I'd never heard of elann, I'll check it out!

    I'm designing my own cowl pattern for the alpaca that I bought, and I'm too chicken to commit and start knitting, haha... I planned to start this weekend and kept putting it off in case I messed up. Time to suck it up and start! I can always rip it out if it doesn't go the way I want.
  11. I am loving Cascade super wash and Malabrigo rasta (super bulky) and this yarn I got for DH's hat from Lorna's Laces is so soft!

  12. I love Lorna's laces. I've used the sock yarn and I think shepherds worsted from that brand. It feels like butter!! Malabrigo is awesome too. I have a sweater and some hats out of that. Have you tried that bulky from cascade? Eco. I've wanted to try it for some time now.
  13. I actually need to buy some now that they are on sale at Webs!
  14. I adore Wollmeise, amazing colors, yardage and price. It is my go to yarn. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401309215.717505.jpg
  15. I love the kelp and cottom mix yarn. It's so soft and luxurious. I think it's called seacell.