Knitters & Crocheters - Polar Knit Yarn Dots!

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  1. super cute!
  2. Yess! They have "shut up, I'm counting"! I'm even meaner about it haha, I'm always like "can you just stop talking for one minute so I can count"
  3. ^^^ LOL! My husband (after nearly 20 years, mind you) has FINALLY gotten appropriately trained. If he asks me a question and I don't answer immediately, he says "You must be counting. I'll wait." Great improvement, especially on long car trips....
  4. These are THE BEST! (The "counting" one is totally perfect for my mom....) I love them! I just sent a note to my mom & sister about them, too! Thanks, Kooba!
  5. LOL. I find it so funny because I say the exact same thing with my Mom...

    i'll ask her a question, and i'll either reply with what your hubby says or with a, 'oops, did i make you slip a stitch? my bad...'
  6. :roflmfao: This is too funny! LOL!
  7. So cute!
  8. Super cute!!!!!!! I love the pink skull w/ crossed knitting needles. :roflmfao: