Knitted Handbags??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Since everyone here knows a thing or two about shopping for bags, tell me what you think about buying knitted bags.

    What amount would you spend?
    What quality do you expect? Cashmere yarn or does it matter?
    Would you rather have the option to customize your colors or buy pre-made?

    Muah from sweetinsexi!
  2. What amount would you spend?

    It would really depend on the quality of the materials and the make and how beautiful I found the design.

    What quality do you expect? Cashmere yarn or does it matter?

    Cashmere would be very nice; or another luxurious yarn.

    Would you rather have the option to customize your colors or buy pre-made?

    Ideally both. If I liked the colours on offer already, I'd buy those; if not, customising would make a great alternative. :yes:
  3. I would almost certainly not ever purchase a knitted bag--hope that is not too unhelpful!
  4. I would never purchase a knitted handbag either......
  5. I don't think I'd be interested in purchasing a knit bag at all- it would get too dirty, I'd be afraid to set it down, etc.
  6. ^ What about if it was, for example, a cable knit, in a dark colour and the base and all the bits you touch (handle/strap, area around zip/clasp etc.) were in soft leather?
  7. Oh wow thanks for the replies... So I see a main reason not to purchase is the fact of it becoming dirty? What other reasons why you'd never purchase? Curious to know why never, do you think their crap?
  8. i wouldn't BUY a knitted handbag either - but only because i would want to try and make it myself. i just took up knitting and i love it so much! i've seen some really complex knitted bags - but to be honest, they're only impressive because someone made it by hand - not some machine in a factory somewhere. but then again, i mean, i wouldn't take my knitted bag for a night on the town or to work - it would be like a lunch bag, or gym bag or, casual weekend brunch bag, know what i mean? I'm making a felted knit bag right now, but ultimately i'll only use it for holding my future knitting!
  9. I would consider (and have considered) a knit bag. It was huge and the oatmeal-tweed color seemed perfect to hide dirt and pet hair! It was not cashmere, nor would I expect it to be; I'd probably like the option of gently hand washing the bag once or twice during it's lifetime.
    The bag I considered had a quilted fabric lining, inner zip compartments, and leather trim. I didn't buy it, and it disappeared. I haven't seen another one I cared for.
  10. Crocheted cable knit bags are really in right now. I was considering getting on a Nordies, but I can't see myself using it a lot so I passed.
  11. Angie, I agree with you that it would make the buyer want to make it themselves.----------

    ok now everyone, given all the factors of if someone would consider buying...
    At what price would you buy it for? Would you spend over 400 for a high quality knitted bag?
  12. No. The bag I saw at Nordies was 120-150 dollars. That's the most I would spend for it.
  13. I am very surprised to discover that I have a bias against them! Although I have seen some that look cute, and I have some handwoven bags that are not too far from some of them, but something about a knitted bag reminds me of very very elderly ladies who used their own grandmothers' knitted reticules as late as the 1950s! :biggrin:
  14. LOL thats too funny
  15. I wouldn't buy one because of the cleanability factor and also I'm always snagging things--I'd have a big ol' snag in no time and it's hard to fix that. It'd probably unravel on me. Maybe they treat them a special way to limit that.