Knitted Clothing

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  1. Forgive me for asking what would seem like to most to be an obvious sort of question, but I've been re-doing and re-organizing my closet... During the process, I've had a difficult time deciding what to hang and what to fold. I know that you really should fold sweaters, as they'll lose their shape if not. However, I've also read that you should fold all knitted items and I'm just not sure how to tell which are knitted. Are some casual-type tee shirts, v necks for example, knitted while other or not? How do I know?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. If a tee is cotton it is not a knit, that would be more like a thin sweater. Usually you can see the "knit" or woven pattern in the fabric.
  3. Okay, what about blended shirts, for example cotton & polyester... does it just depend on the tee or are they normally not knitted?
  4. Look at the seams. If they are sewn they are out of a jersey fabric and should be fine to hang. A sweater will have seems that are worked together.

    I actually hang some of my lighter weight sweaters on padded hangers and have better results than folding them. I only fold the heavier weight and loosely knit items.