Knit Jersey Dresses

  1. I really love them and want to get a few. I was bummed Nordstrom rack didnt have my size :sad:. anyone know of sites where I can find some besides and Im looking for these types:
    41157718-05.jpg p346465b.jpg
  2. C&C
    ^ both make great casual dresses like the ones you posted.

    you can find them pretty much anywhere. i buy them from Shopbop and revolveclothing.
  3. rachel pally makes the best!
  4. OMG I was looking at that Urban Outfitter Lux dress on the right! I KNOW it's so adorable! The Bloomingdales juniors section and BP has tons of those kind of dresses right now. I bought an adorable black one by Splendid at Bloomies, and these other cute ones (from Velvet Torch and... another company I can't remember) from Nordstrom. They're comfy and wonderful!
  5. those kinds of dresses are soooo easy to come by now. i like a lot of the dresses at anthropologie, they usually have some sort of little details that set them apart from most of the dresses you see.
  6. There are some dresses like that at Nordies in their TDB department.

    Also BCBG has a couple of dresses similar to the one you posted. There is a longsleeved one like that on sale at Nordies right now.
  7. jcrew has a few on sale right now..
  8. maybe, and they usually have discount codes floating around for 20 or 25% off.
  9. i have some from ella moss i like :smile: