Knight in shining armor ...

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  1. I scanned down the first page of the feedback dropbox and thought hmph... out of all these questions and complaints I see no "We Love You" threads. I'm probly wrong but just don't feel like hunting for it, so Vlad and dear sweet Megs we love you both, the time and trouble you take to give all this to us is just unbelievable, to the mods, you are the best:tup: putting up with our bullsh*t all day and night can't be an easy job. Thanks to all of you for helping us find new friendships and giving us the pleasure of this forum:heart:

    Love ya lots~
  2. Thanks for the kind words chaggy! :welcome:
  3. Chag you just made Vlad "Awwww" out loud. He really appreciates the kind words...

    And I really do too.

    But we feel this way about our mods- they are amazing and so helpful for us.

    And our members, also just a great group of people!

    Lots of :heart:
  4. :winkiss: very sweet indeed Chag:love:
  5. heheeheee! So cute!! The both of you are just too charming for words ;)

    I love the mods too, I think if it were me I may just be bald trying to keep up with all this and more:sweatdrop:
  6. Swanky you're just incredible :yes: your little biguns guy couldn't fit any better with you :tup:
  7. Swanky is a force not to be fu**ed with. :winkiss:
  8. Vlad the knight---->[​IMG]

  9. ^CUTE smiley for the Vladiator!!

    LMBO @ Vladi!:heart: Vlad actually snuck that big guns smiley in there one day!
  10. Well Swank... you are da :queen: of :biguns:

    Merika, that is totally Vlad, and totally me. I just smile and wave... Vlad is a force!
  11. Vlad: [​IMG] (or [​IMG])

    Megs: [​IMG]
    I thought these were cool, too, but I couldn't decide between the axe ([​IMG]) or the bow and arrow([​IMG]).
  12. I KNOW you're waving with the bling hand... right Megs??
  13. Totally!!!!!!! It is how I roll :rochard:
  14. LOL! The princess wasn't on there when I posted, she is definitely a Megs!
  15. :wlae: