Knee Surgery

  1. So this morning my vet told my dad that my poor baby needs to have knee surgery because his knee is popping :crybaby::crybaby:

    How long is this going to take to heal? and what kind of things should we be prepared for with him?

    I just feel so bad for my poor baby, hes laying on the couch right now sleeping, but i feel so bad and im probably hurting more then he is :upsidedown::lol:
  2. Hi Shay86-
    I assume it's a luxating patella? (Kneecap that won't stay in place.)
  3. Different problem, but one of our dogs had knee surgery for torn ACL. She recovered quite well, tho could never jump as well as she did before, but she was a senior citizen. Keeping her inactive in the beginning was the hardest part. she was used to resting on the sofa, so we bought a dogbed with a bolster around it; it had the egg crate foam to be easier on her joints. You can buy that separately at most stores and just cover it with a blanket.

    Good luck with your furbaby!
  4. Im guessing this is it :shame: the vet just said that his knee was popping out

    thanks Boxermom :smile: My mom is thinking about getting him a bed so he doesnt have to jump. Im just glad that hes the calm one out of my two dogs (for the most part:lol:) his sister is the hyper one who loves to jump on him and play with him whenever possible so shes the one that we are going to have to keep calm.
  5. My dog has had that surgery. She was up and around quite soon. But, we have slick floors, so I had to get some cheap rugs in a couple of places, to keep her from sliding out as she turned corners. I got them from walmart, they are like outdoor rug things, very icky and rubbery.

    Otherwise, the surgery was a great success, now she needs the other side done, poor dear.

    good luck!
  6. thanks Colbalt :smile:

    that makes me feel a bit better about the recovery period, Im still just worried about his sister driving him crazy and not letting him heal properly because she loves to play rough
  7. Is the surgery scheduled? Keeping your baby in my thoughts and prayers.
  8. If it's a little baby, it's probably the luxating patella! (Bigger dogs mostly tear their ACLs.)

    There are two ways to fix the kneecap-both yield excellent results. Truly, if your dog needs orthopedic surgery, this is the one to need! We just did BOTH knees on a 12 year old chihuahua-hers were so bad, she was walking on her knees-now she's running around, like a new dog.

    Recovery time (return to function) within two weeks-pretty darn normal within a month. Your vet will give you pain mamagement, and this is one of those surgeries with which we encourage people to let the dog use it as much as possible.

    It's a fast procedure-you guys will do great!!!!!!!!
  9. My baby also has to have ACL surgery. :sad:
    Does anyone know the average cost of that surgery?

    Good luck with your puppy!!
  10. hes going in Wednesday for the surgery and we will get him home Thursday night :crybaby:
    Im worried about having him gone and then I have another dog that will have to be left home alone alot of wednesday :sad:

    Thanks Liza :flowers::flowers:
    your response is very comforting because I am sooo worried about him and the surgery

    btw hes a 6 year old 20 lbs maltipoo

    Im sorry about your baby :sad: thanks for the good luck and good luck with your baby :flowers:

  11. that's really quite reassuring to hear!! My baby is having this surgery done in the new year and I'm terrified! I've been putting it off for some time because she is not in pain, she does not limp, she acts totally normal, but apparently one of her knees stays out of place. And I know that is making it worse.

    Shay, good luck to you and your dog! let us know how it goes. :heart:
  12. There are two ways to repair a torn ACL (CCL in the canine.)

    TPLO-we get around $2000, and Lateral Suture $800.00

    For Luxating patellas, around $750 per knee. We are near Bozeman, MT.
  13. Pet surgery is just a fraction of the cost of human surgery, but even with pet insurance, we got only a 10% discount for the ACL (or CCL) on our dog.

    Puddin and Danica, good luck with your dogs' surgeries. It's always scary and we can't explain it to them.
  14. So my dad took Bengi in Wednesday and the vet that was going to do the surgery said that since he hasnt been complaining or seemingly not in any pain, we should give it another week or two to see if the knee will heal on its own. He also said that he has mostly likely had this since birth and that his left knee (the one that he was going to get fixed was at a stage 2 and his right knee was at a stage 1).

    So far Bengi hasnt been complaining and hes been running around alot more then before :yahoo:
  15. Thanks for the update. I've never had a dog with this problem--I hope Bengi can avoid surgery and feel well!