Knee pain/weakness?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!
    I'm not sure if this is the right sun forum so mods please feel free to move it if I am incorrect.
    When I was about 15, I moved my knee the wrong way and heard a snap. I fell on the ground and was in extreme pain for a few minutes, but could still walk afterwards and thought nothing of it.
    Ever since then, I have random extreme pain in my knee. This is not everyday, maybe a couple times a month for an hour. But it is EXTREME pain. I thought it was just another one of those things when suddenly today I stood up and went to walk and fell on the ground. My knee/leg gave out, it had no power. I was in no pain but I couldn't stand on it for a good minute.
    I was just wondering if anybody had a clue of what this was?? I will go to the doctor but I don't really know how to explain it. It doesn't dislocate it just hurts a lot and feels really wobbly/weak.
    Thank you!
  2. I had a meniscus tear that was very similar in symptoms to what you describe. I felt it happen, and I was in extreme pain, but I could still walk. I assumed it was a strain or something minor, especially since most days I was fine. Every once in a while it would ache, and then about three months later I woke up one morning and it hurt like crazy. Then it subsided again. I finally went in and had an MRI done on the knee, and I had two tears in the meniscus. I went through the surgery (fairly minor, with two small incisions in the knee).

    Since I am only about a month out from having the surgery, it occasionally still aches a little, but there has been no further sharp or debilitating pain. My dr. said that having the knee give out was common with a meniscus tear, although it never happened to me. Anyway, I would suggest you see an orthopedist and see what you can find out. It doesn't mean you have to have surgery, especially if you are mostly functional, but at least you can find out what it is and plan ahead if you get to the point where you feel you have to do something.
  3. Thank you so much! Sometimes I wake up randomly in the middle of the night in so much pain, but this snap I heard happened over 5 years ago so I was thinking it would have healed by now. I will go to the doctor ASAP considering the fall that i just had.
  4. I had very similar symptoms and as HauteMama described, it turned out to be a meniscus tear. I managed to put off surgery with some physical therapy to strengthen the knee but eventually had to have the knee fixed with arthroscopic surgery.

    Whatever it is, good luck.
  5. Is the pain on the side of the knee or on the kneecap?

    I stretched my ligaments on the sides of my knees in two separate ski accidents. I never had surgery, but if I land wrong or twist my knee a little, they can stretch out a little and my knee gets a little wobbly. With time, it gets better. I also work the muscles around my knee a lot, and try to keep my knees bent a little in all activities so that the ligament is not tested as much. My knees feel really strong now, but the ligaments are not perfect. I was advised by a relative to avoid surgery if possible.

    When I was running, that impacted my knees, and I experienced dull pain on the tops of my kneecaps. That went away with rest, and I was able to run again. But now I prefer to walk and I do the Insanity workouts, which involve jumping but I believe it is less impactive on the knees because I don't jar my knees by landing on concrete - I land softly on a soft surface and continue to bend my knees after landing, so it ends up being more of a squat than a jump.

    For the pain, I took glucosamine chondroitin. Only as long as I needed it, only when I felt pain. Sometimes it only took one pill and I was good.

    Your symptoms sound more severe. See a doctor and do your research. If you get a brace, keep it with you - I keep mine in the car so that if I have another ski accident, I can walk. :P

    BTW, recovery tooks months for the ligaments, years for the kneecap pain, so don't rush. I was not disabled for long, I just did not go all out until most symptoms disappeared.
  6. I am about to start acupuncture..I have knee pains too, I feel it when doing squats, lunges or going up the stairs, hiking oe doing steps..jumping too. Talk to your Dr about it, mine feels ok with acupuncture...but she says if it still hurts she will give me shots..I rather avoid that though..
  7. Could it possibly be a baker's cyst?
  8. Hi, you shouldn't have ignored it that time but anyways it never too late for anything. You must see a nice chiropractor as they are experienced in spinal adjustment of tissue. So, suggesting personal injury treatment chiropractor Centreville, VA for your knee pain.
  9. I had a similar issue where I was unable to explain the pain to my physiotherapist. They're trained to identify the issue so mine was able to pinpoint what the problem was when I couldn't even tell him where the pain was, how it felt, etc. good luck with your doc!