Knee pain from running

  1. Hi everyone!

    I started running a few weeks back with the goal of being able to run half a marathon by the end of the year. I've never run before, and I'm not aiming to run in an official race for now. I just want to be more active.

    I did a lot of research and reading, and also went to a running store to get fitted for shoes. Things were going pretty well until last week....

    All of a sudden, I developed a pain in my left knee -- to the point where it was uncomfortable walking. I wasn't running long distances (about 2 miles per run...still trying to build endurance). I have flat feet, so I'm wondering if maybe I'm not getting proper arch support from my shoes? It's been a week since I ran and my knees still hurt. I do spend about 20 minutes stretching beforehand, and walk to warm up and cool down.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I go see someone?

  2. Do you warmup before you stretch? It's a pretty bad idea to stretch cold muscles, so it's good to do a few minutes walk and then stretch if you like to stretch before your workout. I actually much prefer stretching after my workouts.

    If you've taken a few days off to rest and it's still bad, I would consider seeing someone.
  3. Are you one of those plp that run very loudly??? If you are then ur problem is ure putting too much stress on ur knees. If not, i'd suggest going to ur doctors and see if theres anything wrong.

    -but yes, you should rest...running more will just make things worse.
  4. You might want to go see a doctor it could be a pulled ligament. That's not serious I had one when I was in elementary school. They just gave me a knee brace to wear.
  5. I used to run and when I started having knee problems I stopped and haven't run since. My dad used to be a serious runner and has had a knee replacement and walks with a cane now.

    I think some of it is genetic, but either way, I wont' take the risk. You could benefit probably from taking a joint supplement though.
  6. I had the same problem when running. My doctor recommended I take glucosamine chondroitin (hope I spelled it right) to rebuild cartilage.
  7. If it's behind the knee cap then google "Runners Knee" - if it's below the knee cap and more painful when climbing stairs then try tendonitis.

    I personally would recommend going for a "gait" assessment. This will tell you what type of runner you are (if you over/under pronate etc) and recommend the right type of running shoe for you or if you need any sort of insert in your shoe.
  8. Not to be alarmist, but you really should go to the doctor to get this checked out. It could be something relatively minor but it could also be something serious that could require surgery. Sometimes, you do more harm by continuing to walk around after an injury. Last fall, I tore my meniscus and I continued to attempt to train for a few days afterwards. My doctor told me that I was very lucky that I got in to see him when I did because I was very close to needing surgery. Luckily, I just had to do physical therapy. In the meantime, you may want to get a knee brace, to help provide your knee with some more stability.
  9. i 2nd the seeing a dr idea. but as someone else mentioned, its probably that your putting too much stress on your knees. i would opt for great shoes and a treadmill with shocks. the shocks absorb most of the impact of your foot hitting the treadmill instead of your knees.
  10. I agree with a lot of posted. Don't run with knee pain! I'd see someone and get fitted for orthotics. I have flat feet and a family history of knee replacements and really believe this! Also agree that running on a well-cushioned treadmill can help.
  11. If you're having knee pain it could also be related to your IT band (attaches to the knee cap and runs up the outside of each thigh and then attaches to the hip). If you can get a foam roller and roll the outside of each thigh (put the roller on the floor and roll your thigh on top of it) it will stretch the IT band. Trust me it doesn't feel pleasant in the slightest bit but it has helped me with knee pain.
  12. hey SuLi, like you I've just started running... and over the last couple of weeks I've been pushing it a little harder... I guess I pushed it too hard on Saturday :o( My right knee is quite sore at the moment. *cries* My trainer asked me what the hell did do? I went for a run on the road - couldn't hit the treadmill since the gym was closed.
    I haven't been for a run since Saturday, I've just been on the bike and crosstrainer at the Gym. My trainer said that I must stomp or push off too much when I run.
    My advice is - just like everyone else... rest it up and if it is super super sore go see your Dr and if you're just watching telly... put some ice on it!
    I hope you'll feel better soon - you're not alone! *hugs*
  13. I have loose knee caps so they get sore when I exercise. I wear a Tensor brand knee brace (basically a bandage, with an open spot for the knee cap, with thin strips of metal hidden within) for support. I find it helps a lot. Your doctor can tell if your knee caps are loose just by touching them.
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone!

    I do warm-up...about 15 to 20 minutes stretching, and walking between .25 to .50 miles before I start running. And, I stretch afterwards.

    I actually called the running store where I got fitted for shoes. The manager asked me to come in so that she could assess whether I was properly fitted. She was really helpful, and recommended that I buy these things called "Superfeet" and try running lightly to see if the pain comes back. She said that if it comes back, it could be a number of things (physically -- maybe one leg is longer than the other, etc., or the way I am running) and that I should see someone.

    I am planning on running this weekend. My knee feels fine now, but I want to wait a few more days before I try it.

    If I see someone, stupid question, what kind of doctor should I see? I've never had this kind of "injury" before. Thanks!

  15. You should see an orthopedic.