Knee length boot reccomendations?

  1. Since the weather is turning, I'm craving a pair of knee length boots in either black or chocolate leather. Any suggestions? My only requirement is that the heel can't be more than 2 inches.

    And go!:graucho: Let the shoe shopping enabling begin!
  2. These BORN boots just arrived on my doorstep yesterday from Nordies. They are amazing. I wore them today. They are sooo comfy. Heel is 2" (I measured). They come up to the top of my knee cap. Perfect for wearing with skinnies or skirts.

  3. I have a cute pair of Fluvogs that have a low heel, and a really cute pair of MJ boots that have a platform so the heels don't seem so high although they are about 3.5 inches. I got the fluvogs from Zappos and the MJ's off e-bay(Rjconnect) Most of the really cute boots I see have a higher heel. I often wonder how women walk around all day in some of those high heels, if my feet hurt, I'm miserable!
  4. ^^here is a pic of the MJ's
  5. The Jimmy Choo kidskin boots are fabulous. I think the heel is technically 3" inches but it doesn't feel like it. I'd try it on before ignoring it.