Knee boots for spring and summer?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Having been inspired by the lovely Miss Bags4me, I now own a pair of Gucci Montana knee boots (the dark camel flattish ones that she ROCKS in her 'Post Your Outfit' posts). I love, love, love them and they're super comfy. Now that spring is almost here, I would be heartbroken if I had to put them away until fall.

    I live in San Francisco where it doesn't get very hot in spring/summer...would it be totally faux pas to continue wearing them? I'm thinking with shift dresses or floaty tunic dresses. Thoughts?

  2. I agree with floaty tunic dresses or fluffy skirts. Just keep the rest of the outfit really light.
  3. Mewlicious, thanks for answering my post and reassuring me! :smile:
  4. It sounds fine.
  5. I totally agree too.
  6. Yay! Great to hear this from people who "know" about fashion.
  7. I think it would only look odd on a hot day. Hot enough that people would look at you and think you were crazy! Otherwise, I am sure they will look cute with something light and floaty.
  8. I agree with everyone here, its totally fine to wear boots in the spring or summer. just wear something flowy for the top!

    But SF weather hardly ever gets HOT, but if it does hit scorchering hot (like las vegas) I dont think any1 would rock boots!
  9. I agree Frisco is soooo cold!!! I think it would adorable to wear your boots and a flowy dress. Post pics when you do.
  10. Thanks ladies. Fortunately the hottest it gets around here is 80 degrees F, but only for like 2 weeks in the summer, and 2 weeks in the fall....I def'ly will not be wearing my boots during those times! LOL. But for all the other spring/summer days when it's between 60-72 degrees, I will be rockin' my boots!

    Woohoo! Now I get to go shopping for some fun, floaty dresses! I'm thinking of something cotton, peasant-ish, kind of ruffly....
  11. Those are gorgeous, Angel! I think that would look gorgeous with a miniskirt or dress in the spring or summer!
  12. I wear boots year-round (and I'm in So. Cal.)! I don't think it gets too hot in SF, does it?
  13. just like you, i was inspired by bags4me to purcahse the boots. mine are on their way! =)

    btw, i wear boots all year round. flowy top is def advisable.
  14. I love those boots! where did you ladies find them?