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  1. Well, I certainly don't discriminate....I could care less what designer a bag is made by as long as it's excellent quality and looks great on my arm!!! But I seem to have an extra special love for designers that start with "L"...specifically Louis Vuitton and L.A.M.B. Come see my beauties!!! :yahoo:
  2. I needed photos to approve this . . . please add photos immediately.
  3. My small, but growing Louis Vuitton collection:


    - Ebone Damier Speedy 30
    - Damier Azur Speedy 25
    - Trunks & Bags Agenda
    - Mono Card Holder
    - Mono Riveting bag
    - Mono Pochette Croissant

    My two "new to me" editions. The Epi Soufflot (Borneo Green and Cipango Gold)
  4. Next is my second love....my L.A.M.B. collection.

  5. The Rastas...


    The Lipsticks...

    The Bullseyes...


    The Cyprus bags...

  6. The L.A.M.B. Collection:


    And my newest edition: The Silver Marley Hill I scored at Off 5th for 76% off retail!!! :yahoo:

  7. Love your LAMB(ag) heaven :smile:.
  8. nice collection!
  9. Ooh I love your LVs!

    Nice collection!
  10. Love your collection, knasarae! That green LV is amazing! You can send it to DC whenever you're sick of admiring it! :p
  11. I love it!! ALL OF IT!!! But guess which ones are my faves?? ;)
  12. Love your Riveting, T&B, and Azur!
  13. Thanks everyone! I've been admiring everyone else's collections for such a long time thought I'd finally post my own.

    surlygirl, green is my favorite color. But on some off chance that it changes after 28 years I'll let you know! :p

    missnovember, i think i'll take a stab in the dark and guess you're loving the LAMBs? lol Can't wait to update my family photo once the Jen bag gets here. I'm on pins and needles already...hope she's not too big.

    margaritamix, i love the Riveting too. She was my HG for quite some time. But I hardly ever carry her...she gets heavy. :crybaby:And thanks to Filofax, I turned my T&B into a wallet. Very convenient and stylish!
  14. I love your collection!
  15. OMG--love the Epis!!!