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  1. Here I will show you my growing collection.

    The bags will be posted one by one in order of purchase. Hope you enjoy!
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  2. My first designer bag ever was this little MbMJ bag. Classic Q Percy, now discontinued.

    My most used bag ever, and I was going to say it looks like new, but honestly, it's falling apart ;)

    This is a very durable bag and very useful for bringing only the essentials.
  3. My second designer bag, not in the collection picture, was this clutch from Tiger of Sweden.
    As you might figure it is a Swedish brand not so big international. But they have awesome clothing, shoes and handbags.

    I bought the bag only for one luxurous cocktail party and have never used it since. Which is such a shame - I should use it more!
  4. My next bag was my first high end designer piece (and my first step to loving Mulberry), this lovely Mulberry Alexa!

    I fell in love with this bag through a Swedish blogger which I have followed for 14-15 years now. This girl had a midnight blue (or navy blue) Alexa and I wanted one. Didn't have the money for several years and suddenly I saw this midnight blue panel Alexa on sale and I just couldn't leave without the bag in my dreams.

    I am quite afraid of using it though since it is lamb nappa. But I try to get over it haha. This bag is just so much love :smile:
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  5. Now I needed a tote and when I saw this Longchamp Large LM Cuir in Platinum I just couldn't get it out of my head, so I bought it.

    It was spring and sunny and I was quite new into designer bags. I didn't think about usage, at all. Quite soon I realized that a light colored metallic bag might not be the most easy to wear bag. So it has ended up spending a lot of time in my closet :/ I am thinking about selling it, but I just can't do it. I get happy by just seeing it plus I would almost get nothing for the bag second hand.
  6. My next bag was this Too hot to handle tote MbMJ bag:

    I actually wanted it in black but settled for it in this blue when I found it on sale. This was before I knew anything about to never settle. I learnt my lesson the hard way. The bag is also quite unbalanced when carried crossbody so you have to carry it by the handle. I am also thinking about selling this bag. But I love the durable leather!
  7. So now I had some designer bags and two of them I never used (don't really count the clutch since it's a party bag). I was really confused of why and turned to google and actually found a list of ten types of bags every woman need (it also explained why) and everything got obvious. So I made up a plan and promised myself to never settle again and to think through my purchases a lot before I made them!
  8. My next purchase was this wonderful Small Bayswater Buckle Mulberry.

    It is more or less pure love! I am so short (155cm/5ft1in) with short legs and tall upper body. So tall hand held bags are hard for me to carry. The regular Bayswater is too tall for me but this buckle is just perfect. And it is very durable.
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  9. Oops, before the Buckle I actually bought this little Michael Kors Phone Wallet on chain:

    It is made for iPhone 5 but I can actually squeeze my iPhone 6 into it, and almost nothing else haha. I use it for summer only and this it is super cute with a summer dress.
  10. After the Buckle I bought a Alexander McQueen small padlock tote (I love skulls). But it wasn't love, so I returned it the day after and bought this small DeManta clutch instead:

    Haven't used it yet (therefore the plastic strip). Will do this summer :smile: The fun thing was that I couldn't stop holding this bag in the store when I was about to buy the padlock tote. And I couldn't stop thinking of it during the night. So I realized in the morning that the tote had to go back and this little gem had to be bought instead :smile:
  11. The next bag was this Givenchy medium Pandora in pepe leather.

    It doesn't look so special in this picture but it is. I bought it mostly for travel but have found it useful for errands in the city when going alone with my two year old son.
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  12. And now I needed a Balenciaga. I needed one quick :P found this Castagna City and bought it!

    I actually wanted the Town but couldn't find it anywhere in Sweden. Didn't want to buy it full price online unseen so it got to be a city. I was very positive surprised about the brown color. Had for long wanted a brown bag but thought it was hard to find a good brown. I was drawn a lot towards caramel browns but I didn't feel comfortable wearing them. This brown was actually perfect for me, without me knowing it when I bought it haha (bought it second hand online).

    I love this bag. There is no visible brand and most people don't know about Balenciaga. Perfect if you don't want too much attention to your bag. And I love the zippers, they are so smooth!
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  13. Well, I needed another Balenciaga. So I bought this Hip with GGH.


    I love small crossbody bags in black so this was instant love :biggrin: (it is black although the shine makes it look different in the picture).
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  14. The next purchase was not planned to happen until much later, but this little red square mini flap Chanel showed up second hand (for full price...):

    It was too lovely to not buy. The red is a true red (10C) and just the perfect tone. Later on I googled this red and found out that many count it as one of the best Chanel reds (along with 05). Might be beginner's luck or the reason why I couldn't let it go ;) it was both my first Chanel and my first red bag, seemed like a good combination!
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  15. The next bag was this little MK trio:

    I actually wanted the Céline trio (no I haven't settled). But I did my research and found many reporting strap problems. I had actually found a second hand trio with that exact strap problem so I thought the bag was out of the picture until one day that I saw a woman on the bus with a trio! And I followed her a little bit (hehe) cause I wanted to be sure it was a Céline but was very surprised when I saw the "Michael kors". The same day I dropped by the MK store to see the bag and MK had a better solution for the strap. So I bought it! Not the best quality but I like the look of the bag :smile:
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