Klum: Second child isn't enough

  1. 'We want to have a lot of children', she tells Life magazine in its latest issue. She said Seal always says that he finds her the most beautiful when she's pregnant.

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  2. she's so gorge. totally envious. wow... !! i hope to gawd i look like that when im preggers!.. of course i have like 3 years until then (hopefully only 3-4 years!)
  3. Most women are SO gorgeous pregnant!
    You younger gals w/o babies won't believe this, but I always felt most beautiful when I was pregnant, I SO loved being pregnant!
    Love to hear a man say that!
  4. Heidi looks amazing!!! Seal seems like such a sweatheart!:yes:
  5. Aww! They are so cute together =)
  6. Yes i agree, their babies are beautiful too !
  7. They make such a great couple!! I never felt my best when I was pregnant, but everyone around me would always say that I had a glow. LOL!! Wouldn't trade the feeling for the world.
  8. I love her shoes in the first picture. And this post make me less scare about having babies in the future. I'm scare of how your body looks after I guess.:shrugs: :shame:
  9. ^do't be scared! Just don't let yourself go!
  10. She is gorgeous pregnant and not.

    In having had three babies in fives years I will tell you this...your body does not end up the same no matter what you do. I am not saying you will look awful or anything, but don't expect to pop out many kids and look like you did prior.
    Some women have better genes/build for having babies and it makes a big difference.
    If children are what you really want it won't matter one way or the other!
  11. Heidi and Seal seem to happy together. She certainly deserves it after her disastrous pairing with Flav Briotore (Sp).

    They sure look like a happy family :smile: - its very cute to see.
  12. I think they make a wonderful couple. I have to agree she is beautiful!
  13. What a cute couple, she's always beautiful pregnant or not.
  14. yeah I agree, after having 3 girls in 5 yrs,and breastfeeding them your body and boobs will never be the same...unless modeling or acting is your lifeline. Then you will just have to make it the same as before I guess. She uses this trainer David Kirsch, after giving birth to her daughter.

    But for mere mortals like me, just try to be healthy for my girls .
    I read on Oprah about this mother of 5 wanted to lose weight and gain her former figure but an expert ask her is it worth it? Would you take back having your children for that body back? :shrugs:
  15. i wish i look like that when i am pregnant!!