klonopin - head zaps

  1. Just wondering for those that have ever gone off klonopin, did anyone get the head zaps? I recently tapered off very slowly w/no problems. Yesterday, however, started getting an occasional sharp pain in head which would last for about a second. I didn't give it much thought, just figurered I'm getting a slight headache but it keeps happening. Thats when it dawned on me maybe its the head zaps I always hear about. Its been coming and going. I didn't think klonpin had that reaction though. To be honest, I'm thinking about taking a small dose tonight.
  2. I took Paxil and head zaps lasted almost 2 weeks before they went away. Not sure about Clonazepam having this effect.

    How long have you been taking it for and what was your dosage ?
  3. I took a very small dosage for about 4 mos, every night.