Klara: What do we think? Real or fake?

  1. I am pretty sure it's fake. High quality fake, but fake.

    Hrmm things that bother me:
    - Positioning of the head stamp on the inside Vachetta is too high. The (R) kisses the tip, it should be more centered.
    - the date stamp there is a space between the VI and the rest. Which I went back and looked at other mono stamps and there was no space

    It seems the user is being smart by making his Louis Vuitton sales private, but his other bags are not.
  2. I think it's fake too...the stitching looks crooked.
  3. Fake. The stamp is wrong, wrong, wrong.
  4. I think a lot of sellers that sell fakes run 1 day auctions.:idea:
  5. Agreed on it being fake... The "O's" in the heat stamping "Louis Vuitton" aren't as round as they should be... It shouldn't be so squished together... Also... most fakes come with hunter-green like envelopes.. and the price is WAAAY too low.
  6. Wow, you guys are good.:smile:
  7. Also... look at the stitching... It looks REALLY uneven... I took it to Photoshop so y'all can see what I'm talking about... :P[​IMG]
  8. well!
    scratch that off my list then :nuts:
    thanks y'all!