klara or mizi

  1. Can anyone tell me if the klara or mizi are still available? I have searched elux and lv but can't find them on the web. Does anyone know where I could get one.
  2. I think they have both been discontinued, but you can call 866 VUITTON and have them do a search to see if there are any left :flowers:
  3. i called the 866 last week for the Klara, and they said they're all sold out :cry:
  4. My mum was after a mizi about 2 months ago, and we phoned every boutique over here in the U.K and had no luck whatsoever! Totally Sold out! I think you may have to just keep an eye out on ebay or let-trade!
    Good Luck.
  5. If you can find one I HIGHLY recommend it. I just got mine about a week ago and its my favorite LV. Its a beautiful bag. I have the Mono Mizi...and I think I would love a Klara too!!
  6. The Mizi is completely sold out in the U.S. I did a search a few months back in my desperate search for one.
  7. I love the style of the mizi ..I had monogram vienna mizi in my hands and purchased the klara instead.:crybaby:
  8. Nope there are none left in stores. Try ebay :smile:
  9. Yeah the stores are sold out of both styles. The last time I was at LV, there was a girl there wanting to exchange her Klara for another because there was something she didn't like about the one she got. Then one of the SAs had to tell her that that particular style was completely sold out.
    So ebay is your only option at this point, but post links to ones you're interested in on the "authenticate this" thread, since those styles are highly faked right now. The majority on ebay (that I've seen anyway) are fake.
  10. Mizi and Klara are sold out in Canada as well. eBay is probably your best bet but authentic ones are pretty rare on there as well.
  11. I saw a girl with a Klara on Ste-Catherine in Mtl here, it was cute, but I find that it's kinda thick......Go for MIZI!!!! (if you ever get a chance)
  12. I have been desperatly wanting a mizi...bought another bag instead. I'm so sad!