klara 1399 w/ship BRAND NEW let trade

  1. i already bought myself a new one... someone else get one, too!!!
  2. Please post a pic of that. What a great bag congrats to you!!
  3. i am seriously inept at posting pics on this website. SORRY!!! the klara even has the plastic on!
  4. OOOhh, I know, I saw that, too! The cerises speedy also has a good price, imho (unless I'm wrong...).
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I hated this bag first, the more I see it the more it grows on me! Gongrats on your awesome purchase!
  7. HMMM I don´t like it.
  8. I think it's really cute! Someone should definitely get it...
  9. I hate the shape of the Klara too.

    I asked a question to let-trade 2 days ago they still haven't responded.

    It was an inquiries. They should only put the price if they can't respond to the clients emails.
  10. That does seem like a good price...the cerises speedy is really cute too! Someone should definitely snag that one!!!!!
  11. Double Post.
  12. Really? Sorry to hear that, I usually get a response within 24 hours, depending on what time I send the inquiry.
  13. I like the Klara's shape, but I don't like how there are two straps...just looks kind of odd. I'd love it if it only had the single strap. I love the Mizi though :love:
  14. That's a pretty Speedy 25 on there too! - really even patina.

    I love the Mizi too!
  15. That's not like them. Every time I ask them a question, they usually respond within the next day. I got a response to my question that was asked yesterday at 4:00 PM...