KL CROC/GH; She's someone's grail bag?!

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  1. Dear Ladies:

    As you may know I am on purse ban, so here goes:

    SA has Black KL SHINNY CROC with GH.... :drool:

    She's about 8K, so if she's someone's GRAIL bag, pls. PM me, but my H does NOT ship International though.....

    Morgan, sweetie, you are a bag angel!!!
    Someone is going to be so happy, this is a beautiful bag!!!


    GO GIRLS!!
  3. Dear Ms. CB:

    You don't know how 'itchy my heart is'.... So tempting too here as it is the SAME PRICE as CROC KELLY WALLET?!!!!!!! :confused1:

    But then again, I need to be 'good' :sad:
  4. OK I tried to stay away but I must ask...is this a Kelly Longue? I never knew they came in exotics!
  5. Dear Ms. Julide:

    YES, it is Kelly Longue!!! I am still amaze by the cost of it.... Usually shinny croc is more expensive than matte...

    I just hope I don't 'kick myself' for turning this one down again.... OK OK, I am on purse ban so I guess it doesn't matter what it is or how much it cost.....
  6. ^^Me too, due to the size and therefore the vastness of skin needed to make the Longue. Also, re the pricing, it doesn't sound right...

    Morgan, are you sure it isn't the Kelly long wallet?

    Btw, matte crocodile is more expensive than shiny.:yes:
  7. Good question Serenity...I :wondering
  8. Dear Ms. Serenity:

    Oh, I was under the impression that shinny croc is more expensive, so I am glad I've learn somthing today!!!

    I also questioned the SA if this is Kelly wallet and she said NOPE, KL!!!

    Maybe they've ticket it wrong for the less than it actually should be?!

    Anyone who has bourght croc KL maybe can share the price you've paid for?!
  9. Ilovemylife also has a croc kelly longue They are only special order from what I understand. so this is probably an SO that was turned down. Crazy! I would kill for this bag!
  10. ^^J, yes of course, special orders! I just was amazed this was available but you're absolutely right that it could be a turn-down. Gah, who would do that with such a beauty??? :cry:

    Re ILMY, I thought hers was the Kelly Elan or does she also have the KL in croc?? LOL! I need to catch up with her thread. Isn't she just fabulous?? Gosh, and all her bags are STUNNING beyond words!

    Morgan, thanks for the confirmation. WOW, that is an excellent price! Are u sure your ban can't accommodate an exception??:graucho:

  11. You know what- you could be right. Maybe ILML's is a kelly elan? I thought it was a kelly longue for some reason. But I think that I have read someone on here (who knows at this point, my head is spinning at just the thought of this needing to be adopted) has a KL in croc. But I guess after this Fall it won't matter- we should be able to get Kelly cuts in crocs by SO:tup: Now, if I could just find a sugar daddy to pay for it, I will be all set:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. ^^You and me both! LOL!
  13. my head is spinning too. and you all know I am all cow....gack, I say it all the time. but wow. this is a great find.

    Jag, do you want me to hook you up with Mr. Lau????
  14. YES! Would you?? I am ready to take one for the team to get some more H:P
  15. ^^lol God I Would Love This Bag!!!!