Kiwi protecting spray for vachettta leather

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  1. I can not find the shining monkey or apple guard so i wentto my local target and got a Kiwi protect all that allows leather to breathe and a kiwi oil tanned leather protection. They seem very similiar and they stick a whole lot! LOL! Has any one tried these before if so which one should i use?
  2. I used Kiwi protect-all (I think that's the name?) on vachetta and it dried quickly with no marks. I don't know about the tanned leather protection though.
  3. thanks for the fast reply!! How did it work? Has you bag patined over time well?
  4. I used that on my new mono speedy about 3 weeks ago and it is patina'ing (lol is that a word?) very well. The rain just beads up on it and you can wipe it right off.

    Just be careful when you are spraying it on the part that attaches to the bag itself, i sprayed a little too much and it kind of got soaked up by the underside of the vachettta, it was slightly discolored for about 2 weeks, but now that it has started to patina you can't really tell.
  5. can i use it only when the vachetta is new or can i use this for my used bags?
  6. I used it on new vachetta.

    Replied to your pm herbcheck.:smile:
  7. i also wondered about kiwi, as i couldnt find shining monkey or any other and kiwi just seemed to be everywhere. I saw a few posts about others using kiwi and it was fine so i went ahead and used it on my new vachetta a few weeks ago.
    i was worried at first, but it was great. make sure you spray it from a distance (around 20cm) and outside. You will see little spots on the leather when it first touches it but they dissapear pretty much instantly. i was very happy with it. I did a few layers over 2 days.
  8. I use the Kiwi Protect-all on new and used vachetta and it dries pretty fast with no marks or stains. I have yet been caught in rain with any bags with vachetta, so we'll see if Kiwi really does work!
  9. I just use whatever waterproofing sprays I have around the house. I have no idea what the brand names are, but I have had no problems with any of them.
  10. these can be bought online.
  11. these can be bought online.
  12. How many layers did everyone apply?
  13. I applied it twice as advised by the directions on the can. I think you can reapply it after a few months use... that's what i've always done on my suede shoes i use it.
  14. which one dries faster, SM or AG? i forgot.....
  15. I just tried Scothgarde on my vachetta. Let u know in awhile what happens...
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