Kiwi PF meet up/catch up/gossip... anyone keen???

  1. hey PF members...

    with all our America Friends doing all this meeting stuff... its got me kinda JEALOUS! I am the green eyed monster!!!! :lol: just kidding...

    i was just wanting to get a feel if any of your kiwis wanted to meet up for a coffee or something? i've noticed a few on the boards lately... and it would be neat if we could meet up or something.....

    if theres enough interest... it would be neat! :amuse: OR else i'm gonna ditch you guys and go to Oz to see SerenitySue and do some serious shopping!!!

    PM me or reply to this thread.... oh yeah if any other PF members feel like taking their Summer break in NZ you're more than welcome to come and stay for a bit... i've got a spare room!!!! :smile: you must be clean and tidy and you must be willing to take my turtle for walks.... :roflmfao:
  2. Hey HelenNZ! Im totally keen to meet up! that would be awesome!
  3. NiSHa - thats great!!! when i get some more replies (fingerscrossed we can sort something out!!!) woo hoo PF meeting!!!! maybe we could have it on a farm or something!!! HA HA!
  4. Bump :roflmfao:
  5. Ahh...too bad I'm not in New Zealand, otherwise, I would love to walk your turtles.
  6. Ditch em, ditch em!!! LOL! J/k:upsidedown:. Can't wait till ya come! :flowers:
  7. bump for those in NZ...
  8. Nearly didn't see this post!

    I would love to catch up, except I'm in Palmerston North! Talk about sad.... I am going to be in Akl on the weekend of 27/28th to catch up with a friend who's coming back from London. Unfortunately, I will be car-less though.

    If anyone would want to visit and meet up in Palmerston North, I've got a couple of spare rooms, and I'm sure I get tell hubby to disappear for a weekend!
  9. My dad's just moved to Auckland. Can he go in my place?
  10. I hope you ladies find some more NZers!!!!
  11. Cal - you should come and visit your Dad!!!

    BUMP BUMP - anymore NZ members???? :smile:
  12. I'm hoping to get down there sometime soon. I used to live in Tauranga and have friends there.

    I LOVE NZ!!!!!
  13. god...i just saw this post would be fun to meet up in Auckland !