Kitty looking out window all the time = depressed?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I brought my cat from California to Chicago with me. I lived in a larger apartment before, and now I have a small one-bedroom. Although my cat has plenty of toys, he spends almost all day looking out the window. He's a 1 year old male that likes other cats. I thought about getting him another cat, but the SPCA here has made it very difficult for me to adopt (they want records of my cat's shots, which I don't have, because they're in a box somewhere in California; they want to talk to my landlord; etc. etc).

    Do you guys think he's okay? His behavior is otherwise normal. I guess he just never spent so much time looking out the window. I feel bad for the poor guy.

    Thanks, everyone.
  2. Poor kitty!I wouldn't worry too much as long as everything else is normal.Cats don't like being uprooted for the most part and take a little longer getting use to new surroundings.Give you furball a bit more time,he may just like what he's seeing outside that window.Hugs for your kitty.
  3. I have two indoor cats that love looking out the window, and I have also moved many times with them. Give him time to adjust. The window is also like television to kitties, so think of it as him being absorbed by a sitcom! Neither of my cats have ever been big into toys, sometimes they play with them but most of the time they don't. And since he is behaving otherwise normal I think your kitty is fine! :smile:
  4. Give him time to adjust, I'm sure he'll be fine. Cats depend more on familiar surroundings rather than ppl. It's just the opposite of dogs. With dogs, they look for their owner, wherever you go take me with ya kind of thing. But with cats, it's their home that's more important, kwim? I'm sure the move is a huge thing for your cat.
  5. my cat attacks her own reflection in the glass door by charging at full speed. Would that mean my cat is absolutly insane?
  6. I wouldn't be worried about it. That's something that cats love to do, look out windows. My kitty does it all the time, and to me I just think that would be a bit boring, but whatever works for her!
  7. I don't know about your cat, but my cat is a huge creature of habit, so when I moved it was really hard on him. Sometimes, they just need some time to adjust. With that in mind, my kitty always loves looking out windows. You know the whole sun and entertainment thing. If you're really serious about getting him a companion, check out the local newspaper, if the ASPCA, isn't helpful (and though understand their concern, it frustrates me that a happy home is not being found for a kitty). Oftentimes, there are free kittens in the paper and it would be nice for them to have a happy home. The most important thing is security and love for cats. I'm sure he will adjust just fine as long as he has you!
  8. I agree, there are lots of kittens that you could get elsewhere that need a home! Good luck, I looove cats! :yes:
  9. Can he see cool stuff outside? (cool to him, that is, like birds, bugs, chipmunks, people, etc., lol). My cats spend hours every day looking out the windows for entertainment and they are not lonely at all -- they have each other and are very close. So if he seems engaged in what he's seeing (rather than just staring blankly) then he's hopefully just having fun:smile:
  10. My dog does the same thing, but after the house was constantly empty for a couple of hours. Now he won't sleep without us being around. Basically if hes not paling around with me then he's on his armchair looking out. I can't wait till I can obtain a license for a fence, everyone else is all for it.
  11. My cat does that all day long :smile: He likes watching the chipmunks :biggrin:
    When he was a baby he'd get on his cat tree that looks out the window when I'd leave for work, and when I got home he was still sitting there looking out the window, like he was waiting for me.
  12. My cat stares out the window all day too at anything that happens to be there, birds, trees, the sun, anything at all. I don't think she's lonely, just likes to see what's going on outside. She's queen of her little corner of the world, she likes to survey her kingdom!