Kitty is miserable in hot weather... need help!

  1. Hi all,

    I have a long haired main coon and she is absolutely miserable in this hot weather. I've thought about trimming her hair, but I don't know how she would like that. Is there anything else I can do to make her more comfortable?
  2. Hi cutiepie21!
    I have a Maine Coon too, and I'm from Portugal. We have some hot summers here.. And I mean HOT! 40ºC days. BTW, where are you from?
    I didn't have any problem with him last summer, except when we traveled by train (a very old one, without Air Conditioning), that he meowed out loud and sticked his tongue like a dog, but it was a really short tryp and he was OK when we arrived.
    I think you should just try to keep your home as cold as possible, and in last instance I would trimm her (in a pet beauty shopp or in a veterinary). Sorry for not helping you out that much...
  3. I am worried now... I unwittingly (GRRR!) moved into an apartment without air-conditioning. I am a California native: air conditioning is a GIVEN there!!!!... but not in Chicago. I am worried about my cat during the summer even though he is just a short-haired tabby.
  4. I have a Siberian (they, along w/ Norwegian forest cats, are really similar to Coons), and she is similarly suffering. Do you have A/C? If not, I would consider having some installed because all 3 of these breeds have really thick, long fur. Before I got Muffin, I would tough out the heat and not turn on the A/C sometimes to save money, but now I can't do that so much anymore. She'll just flop down, splayed out and I can tell from her expression that she'l hot. Our poor kitties...
  5. I don't have a/c and can't really put one in because I live in an apartment complex and will only be living here for about 10 more months.
  6. have you looked into the cooling vests. intlset i too am from cali and moved to new england where there arent air conditioners installed in older homes so i know how you feel! but ill be investing in the vest for my pup.

    maybe the smaller one can fit a kitty.
  7. I used to take my persian (since passed away) to the groomers, as he too was miserable during the summer. Luckily I had a great groomer at a cat clinic so he didn't have to be around other dogs being groomed.
    I can honestly tell you he was so much happier during those hot months.
  8. Small air conditioners that fit in your window might be cheaper than you think. I paid $70 for mine 3 years ago.

    I only need it 2.5 months out of the year, but then I really need it!

    I think your kitty would love you to get her an AC for summer. Just think of it as a $70 gift.

    By the way, Chicago is humid so a swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) won't work. Buy a true AC.

    Good luck!
  9. Here are a couple of things I've done in the past with my cats, long hair or not:

    • put ice cubes in the water bowls throughout the day.
    • put ice packs in pillow cases - they will sleep on or near the ice pillow. (putting some towels in the freezer to use works great too.)
    • soak a hand towel in cold water and rub them down head to toe.
    • in extreme cases, you can also place some cool water in a pan of some sort (about a 1/2" to and 1") and set their little feet in it for a minute. cats sweat through their paws and this cools them down alot.

    here are a couple of more things I haven't done but hear work well also:
    • Toss a couple of ice cubes on the floor for your cat to play with.
    • Place a bowl of ice or cold water in front of an electric fan so that it blows cool air
  10. Thanks for the tips! :flowers:
  11. Bagnshoofetish-- LOL are you sure you're not from AZ?!?!

    It is sooo hot here right now that the other day, I was driving down the road and a man PULLED OFF HIS PANTS and leaned against a wall in the least I *think* he did that because of the heat...ROFL!!!
  12. I suppose the only good thing about living in the UK is that it doesn't get as hot as other places. But, at easter we did have some really hot days and my cats were so restless. Felt so sorry for them. As they are indoor cats I kept the windows open but on the second lock if you kwim? So there was fresh air coming in for them.

    In previous summers we have left the fan on for them. Though they always end up with eye infections from the dust getting into their eyes. At least thats what the vet said caused it?
    One of my cats looks like a Norweigan Forest Cat and I don't know how he is gonna be this summer as we only got him at the end of last summer. If needed I would consider cutting some of his fur - mainly underbelly though. I couldn't bear to cut his mane!

    I have given them ice cubes in the past to play with and they were not amused...did I mention they are lazy too?