Kitty having bathroom troubles


Mar 15, 2013

I have a one year old cat, his name is Nero and he has always used the litter box ever since I found him, (at 8 weeks old). Lately however he is having some issues with his litter box. I just want to know if anyone has experienced this at all with their male cat, (or even female cat).

Heres the scenario because it's a bit odd:

He gets in his box to poop as usual, squats down and starts pooping. Then suddenly midway through his poop, he will jump out of the box and rub his bum on the mat I have outside his box to collect the litter, thereby covering the mat (and his fur) in poop.

He has only done this twice and he does not do it every time he poops which is odd. The first thing that came to my mind was worms, but he had been dewormed only a few weeks ago and does not go outside at all. His litter box is always clean as I clean it everyday. I have not noticed any behavioural changes and he is still happy and crazy like usual, I just don't know whats causing this behaviour. I could understand if he did it every time he poops (then I would take him to the vet) but like I said he's only done it twice now. Please let me know if you have any idea on what this could be.
He also is up to date on all his shots and his deworming.

Thank you!

(I have attached a picture of him because he's my baby) :heart:



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Jun 7, 2008
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Nero is so handsome!! You might try giving him a little bit of canned pumpkin with his meals. Cats get plugged anal glads and the pumpkin helps keep it a good consistency to make sure it all gets out.

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Sep 20, 2006
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HI Nero!

So sorry to hear that you are having potty problems - we go through the same thing with our boy Jax.

I second buzzy's recommendation of pumpkin. Is his stool really soft, or is it hard? I wonder if he is having problems with it all getting out and then uses the towel as a way to finish, kwim?


Jul 26, 2012
Agree with the above, but I had to comment because Nero is so adorable and handsome!! I want to rub his little white puff!


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Jul 31, 2006
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Nero is a cutie!! My 11 yr old has IBS she has such a problem going too. I dont't brush her as much as I should I put a pinch of metamucil in her water she gets a stomach ache. She hates WET FOOD. WHAT? I know Im gonna try the pumkin. Thank you.