Kitty gets a new purse!

  1. I was going through some old pics and just couldn't resist the urge to post...

    After looking at my extensive handbag collection, Kitty decided the cat carrier just wasn't helping his image... so he persuaded me to buy him purse of his very own!
    coach1.jpg purse1.jpg
  2. Ooh, Too cute. Thanks for posting those!!
  3. your kitty has excellent taste!
  4. Aww! That is too cute!
  5. OMG so adorable.
  6. Aww- he looks adorable in it!
  7. So Cute!!!!!!
  8. He could fit right inside of the bag! Cute!
  9. I figured dogs have cute carriers, why couldn't kitty!?

    I'm glad you ladies liked the pics!
  10. Very cute!