Kitty attack!

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  1. most comfortable wedge everrr:biggrin:

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  2. So cute!!! Love how girly your wedges are!
  3. So cute!
  4. Those look adorable on you, but kitty is much cuter lol.
  5. how adorable. :cloud9:
  6. The bow on the wedge is sooo cute!! And your kittie is adorable!!
  7. Love this pic and the Mini Me wedges... I wish I had a pair!
  8. Adorable.
  9. Me likey those!
  10. your cat is too adorable!
  11. Really cute!
  12. Cute.
  13. def worth every penny. It is SOFT like stepping on soft cork!:graucho:
  14. :P thx hon, I love her to pieces. I can't imagine what kind of explosion I would cause here if I upload her video calling Mama...
  15. The bow is actually tied on, without it the shoes has an peep hole in the middle, I've never tried it without the bow but I think it'll look modern. Thanks!:P