Kittery Outlet!!!!

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  1. Yeah, it was slim pickings. I was looking for a small wallet.Thats why I just picked up the chelsa skinny. I love the Tilton Outlet..No TAX:biggrin:..I think I will visit this weekend, maybe:graucho: I live in NH., so its about a 45 min. ride! Where Kittery is not even 10 min.s..I hope they do get some good stuff in the next few weeks.
  2. does anyone know if there is anything new this week ?
  3. Not yet, but I'm gonna hit both Kittery and Freeport on the upcoming holiday weekend.:graucho:I will post whatever I see.:smile:
  4. I was there on Friday (had to stop on the way to vacation!) and there wasn't anything good then either. I was hoping to have some vacation luck, but nope! The weekend before I was in NH and stopped at Tilton and North Conway, but no big finds there either (but I did manage to pick up a mini skinny and a fob :smile:

    The outlet closest to me is Wrentham, and now I really appreciate it... I didn't realize how small some of the other outlets are!
  5. great .. i will be waiting for your updates ... good luck to all of us...
  6. my friend went 2 days ago and she want any Kristin hobo but saw i hope to pass thru Kittery probably on tuesday... any news about the Kittery outlet ??? thanks !
    any goodies there ?
  7. Called Kittery today - they got a bunch of FP deletes in, including a number of Sophias - Flint, Peat and Bronze, as well as the ummmmmm Gold Embossed one with the braided handles which they are holding for... ohhhhhhh... me {smirk} 30% plus 20% coupon right now.

    I don't know which styles but I was told they got Chelsea and lots of Madison in.
  8. Just got back from Kittery. FP 40% + 30%.

    Several Abigails, Lindsays and at least 1 Sophia in Dove.
    Lindsays in Pewter patent and Op Art, as well.
    A ziparound wallet in Dove, I didn't look at it closely but it was a good match for the bags.

    Nothing gathered, nothing in chevron nylon. All the other bags in clearance were MFF.

    No interesting fobs

    Lots of newer pony scarves and larger, MFF prints

    They sold right out of the MFF black/silver Ocelot print, the only items in that were pillboxes, uni cases and ID lanyards. The Garnet Ashleys are all gone.

    I did spot several shoppers with nice FP bags of their own - a medium silver Zoe (old-style) a large Copper Zoe (old-style) and a nice Op Art Sophia, burgundy I think it was. That's always fun!

    ETA - oh yeah - an Abigail and a Pewter Lindsay somehow came home with me... funny huh....
  9. Nice job, what color abigail?
  10. Dove - they have several!
  11. Got to stop by Kittery yesterday on our "mini pinball tour" (we hit arcades in Salisbury Beach and Old Orchard--What a great day!)

    Well, I hadn't been to a Coach outlet for ages and I was soooo excited.
    They had 2 Kristen Hobos I'd wanted, the pink patent AND the raspberry patent. But the extra 30% had ended Sunday, AND they were the only ones left of each bag, and the foolish customers who had handled them had scratched up the front on both of them from being too stupid to figure out how to open the clasps. So nah.
    No fobs I was dying for either. They had the leather ballerina slippers, and a heart with crazy colored Poppy-type Cs all over it...

    They had a TONNNN of Kristen tho. Woven stuff, and Sages (I think?).... They had 2 of the Sage that has pink and other colors.. I'm not a huge fan so I dunno the names/color codes. I shoulda taken spy pics but my phone battery was dying.

    I can't believe I hadn't been to a Coach outlet in MONTHS, and finally I get to one and walk out with nothing.
    I went to the Old Navy outlet a couple doors down and got new jammies at least. :smile:

    AND, all in all, I had a day full of pinball and got to visit the outlets, so I was a happy girl to say the least.
  12. On my way to a family outing in Maine, and stopped at the Kittery outlet. Tons of deletes! They had Kristins in the front of the store, but in the back they had a table of Audrey totes in ivory and navy patent (the SA said she also had silver so I am assuming metallic), bib Lindseys, they had a tossed lace in parchment:graucho:, and a table of the straw bags, mostly with the python trim, but I think they were marked $289...I was smitten by the other deletes so I walked right by!
    They also had Audrey zip around wallets in black and parchment. I didn't have a lot of time to look ( I could have spent some serious time in there but had to get to Old Orchard Beach), but definitely a great selection!
  13. Just came back from kittery & they had some decent deletes. Aubergine patent Lindsey & tote, acorn criss cross Lindsey, fuschia Lindsey. No accessories though. Not too crowded in the Coach store.
  14. Also brown & red BS and brown hobo.

  15. What did ya get ;)