Kittery Outlet!!!!

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  1. Hey, if anyone's interested...I was there earlier tonight..They had Copper Claire, Copper Audrey,both 30% off w/ an additionaL 20% off..Also some Poppy,1 khaki lg. Sabrina, 3 Julianne's...Mostly MFF bags..I did put 2 Poppy Patent Glam Totes on hold for tomorrow, they are both Black, 1 for my Friend and 1 for me..At $150.00, I thought that was a pretty good price point!!!!
  2. Anybody been to Kittery lately? I haven't been in a couple of weeks and am wondering if it would be worth it for me to pop in this weekend. I heard Wrentham got some Maggies in, so I'm hoping Kittery got some good stuff too! TIA!
  3. Ohhhh, if anybody has a report, I might pop in on Sunday - it's either there or Tilton. I've found GREAT stuff at both of those in the past. My son is in that area for a while so I keep going. I love Tilton and NO SALES TAX, but Kittery is closer. Sigh.... Decisions, decisions!!
  4. Was there this past Sunday. Bought nothing. Mostly MFF stuff.
  5. Any updates? Do we know if they'll have any FP product for the holiday weekend?
  6. I went yesterday and was disappointed. 99% MFF. No Kristins, just a few Poppy pieces.
  7. Too funny I was there yesterday with my DD they had nothing.Probably holding out until tomorrow
  8. Just got back - returned a bag to the outlet and they had nothing. 99% MFF with a few Poppy items.
  9. Any updates? I thought about going this afternoon, but with the thunderstorms coming I decided to stay home.
  10. Yeah, my dd and I got caught in the Thuderstorm, at Coach,lol..In Kittery...Not much to talk about my DD went in, I don't buy there, unless it is something I really love...They had a ton of the new Zoe's and some others....
  11. Anybody been to Kittery lately? I've had a wicked busy summer and haven't been around much.
  12. I was there last Saturday, didn't see anything worth buying. 50% off was disappointing. There were a few Poppy totes, and a croc Madison wallet (the medium one). This is the 3rd time this summer I've stopped by and left w/nothing!
  13. Went to Kittery Outlet tonight..I was surprised at their selection!I picked up a FP deleted Madison lg. op art cos. case sv/blk...They had 2 khaki/tan op art and 1 khaki/mahogony op art...They were 79.99 minus 50% and another 30%..So I pd. $27.00+tax.:yahoo:For bags, they had 2 small leather kristin satchel's in sv/blk, a champagne embossed tote, some Poppy, and 2 or 3 of the gray xl spotlights that retail at $598.00, they were 30% plus another 30% off.Actually they had some items for 50% off then the bags I mentioned above were on the 30% off table, plus another 30% off...At the register's they had the waverly round coin cases and if you spent $100.00, you could get one for $15.00..I seen the new Tartan stuff, not to bad..I loved the skinny in the pink tartan.I think I will be gifting those since they come down to $20..00+ tax..Oh and the had like 4 or 5 med. croc wallet's in sv/blk @ $139.99 minus 50% then the extra 30%...So if anyones interested, go if you can...I asked how long they will be running the extra 30% because I want to pick up some gifts this weekend..They said they are not sure!!!!!!
  14. im going to be driving up from boston around the 26th so maybe if i can convince my hubby to stop by in kittery instead of freeport then i can finally check out this outlet.. i hope they have something worthwhile if i go there though!
  15. So... there I was... clutching my 30% off email coupon... dreaming of spring... and hubby meets me at work and is in the right kind of mood to take me to an outlet (yahoo!) So I hop in his car and off we go for a little 45 minute jaunt, and pull in the parking lot at Kittery to see - the doors locked and the SA's on the way out. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... closed at 6 pm! WTF??????

    So there I was, peering in the windows, nosed pressed up against the glass... I wanna see what you got (besides those cute Graffiti totes in the window and the Mahogany Sophia in the other window... and that delicious pink suede bag that I don't know the name of in the window...) I want in!

    Now I gotta wait till SATURDAY! That'll teach me not to check store hours... ;-(((