Kittery Maine Outlet

  1. Does anyone know if there are legacy bags in the kittery maine outlet yet?
  2. not sure about kittery, but last weekend i was at the freeport maine outlet and they had quite a few legacy bags...most all were signature, khaki or black.
    i picked up the small legacy flap, khaki sig w/ gold leather trim!!!!
    it was 20% off the outlet price + an additional 10% for the day. so roughly $ 118.00.
  3. maine had them as of last week but said they were going fast
  4. Do you guys all live in Maine as well? I'm in Gorham.

    I called the Freeport outlet yesterday regarding Ali's and they only had 1 left in white. I didn't ask about any other legacy stuff. I was at the Freeport outlet about a week or so ago and they had several Mandy's and 06 satchels, as well as Ali's at that point. I don't get to the Kittery outlet often, it's about a 45 minute drive for me. Although I would if they had legacy.

    I'll try giving them a call tomorrow.