Kittens used to entice dogfighting.

  1. Poor babies. I hope they catch the people responsible.
    Scores of kittens dumped at Mt. Vernon shelter
    WABC Eyewitness News

    (Mount Vernon - WABC, August 9, 2007) - Some 63 kittens, stuffed in three boxes and beset with fleas, were dropped on a animal shelter doorstep in Mount Vernon, officials said. Related Links

    Animal Shelter manager Sean D'Aliose says people training dogs to fight may have used the young cats for bait and then abandoned them out of nervousness about attention to a recent dog fighting case.
    In that situation, a half-blind pit bull named Floyd was found in a pool of his own blood. Authorities believe Floyd was placed in a box with his legs sticking out so that younger dogs could attack him. A $6,000 is outstanding for infomation about the dog fighting ring that injured him.

    D'Aliose said kittens are sometimes used to entice dogs to fight because the small cats are unlikely to hurt strike back and hurt the dogs. The kittens, which range in age and breed, were found late Tuesday.

    Shelter Director Paula Young said some were already available for adoption, and the rest would be once they were medically ready, which could take up to a week.

    Pet Adoption League of Westchester President Jeannie Johnson said she initially worried that it might be "almost impossible" to find homes for so many kittens. She and her family were keeping a few, and some others were at the shelter, but Young had most of them at her home.
  2. There are things going on in this world that scare the living crap out of me. This is one of them.
  3. Things like this just piss me off! Why are people so.... :cursing: Like that football player... I knew it had something to do with animal cruelty, so I asked DH about it, and OH was I mad that day! I try not to really follow it because it just makes me mad, but the fact that the sports community even thought he *might* be allowed to go free sickened me. As if his football talents could outweigh the wrongs. I know, I know... 'innocent until proven guilty' but good lord, the man killed puppies because they "weren't mean enough" !!! :cursing::bagslap:
  4. I feel sick to my stomach. I really don't even have words right now.
  5. That's disgusting. Some people aren't worth the air they breathe. :cursing:
  6. That actually made me feel a bit sick. I don't even know what to say.
  7. I just want to barf.... this is... I have no words... I'm just...

  8. I cant beleive how people are so cruel. It makes me so mad, sad, frustated, hopeless, angry, disgusted.....I dont know how these people sleep at night. I think people like that are among the worst kind!!!
  9. You can help by donating to animal organizations that are working to eradicate dog fighting, like the HSUS. Every little bit helps.
  10. When I saw it on the news, I was screaming at my tv. I hope all the kitties and the dog find new homes. I also hope they catch the bastards that are doing this. Who ever thought dog fighting was a "sport" should be shot on the scene. No questions asked.
  11. This is so sad. I can't believe that people can be so sick and cruel.
  12. I couldn't finish reading this. I'm feeling sick to my stomach.
  13. I saw this story last night on the news. I was so disgusted and sad.
  14. These are the things that make me think what the going on in the world?? People like this are mentally insane and should be put to sleep. I firmly believe that people who abuse animals, end up at some point abusing other people.
  15. That is so disgusting. :cursing: I hope the animals recover and go to loving homes.