Kittens Rescued From Frying Pan!

  1. :rant: I saw this on the news,and damn near had a stroke, :wtf: is wrong with people.Poor little innocent kitties,I'd like to pour that hot cooking oil all over that cruel bastard myself:hysteric: .I hope these little furbabies find loving homes,they are up for adoption now,thank god.

    13WHAM-TV || Rochester - Kittens Rescued from Fry Pan
  2. OH MY GOD! i almost cried imagining this!:crybaby:
    what a pure evil act and what a heartless human
  3. That is cruel..How can people do something like that, looking at such innocent little furry faces. I hope they all recover from the burns & get adopted to nice loving families, they deserve it!
  4. WTF? how could anyone do such a thing?!
  5. :wtf: There are some seriously sick individuals in this world. :throwup:
  6. There are some really awful ppl out there today
  7. I would effing kill someone. That person would be very badly injured if I walked into a room and found my friend doing something like that to my pet. He deserves to sit in a pot of scalding oil and see how he likes it.
  8. I won't even click on the link. I know it will upset me.
  9. I can't even click on the link. Reading the replies here is heartbreaking enough. THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS.
  10. WTF is wrong with people? I want to put him in a damn frying pan, see how he likes to burn.
  11. Honestly, what is wrong with people?????
  12. I thought this was another kitty joke thread :cry: . This is just wrong.
  13. Danielle--my thoughts exactly...I could not click on the link either.

    Hopefully, this man lives in a state where animal abuse/cruelty has some serious consequences.

    I heard a story one time about some boys who put a kitten in a MICROWAVE.

    I just don't understand. At all.:crybaby: :rant:
  14. That is so sick.. sometimes I think that we should have the same punishment for people that hurt defenseless animals that we do for people that hurt other humans.
  15. This is just horrifying. I can't even think really of strong enough words to express my disgust at such things. Also, a kitten in a microwave? That is just a depraved, sick mind.