kitten with fiv

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  1. We lost two cats inthe past year, both were almost 19 years old and had a wonderful life. Fortunately my vet had a litter of kittens that they are adopting out to families. we immediately fell in love with one and visited her many times. Today we went to pick her up and the vet said that she is positive for fiv, she is about 6 weeks old. there was no mother when the litter was found and her brothers also tested positive. The vet is sending out a more definitive test, but we took her home and are crazy in love with this adorable creature! I am looking for some upbeat stories from others who have experieinced this
  2. I am so sorry that you lost your longtime companions. I lost a kitty to feline aids, but he came to me as an older stray. He was one of the most wonderful cats I have ever been privileged to know. That cat taught us so much about dignity and courage-----I am so humble that he blessed us with his presence for those years.

    bless you for wanting to care for your new baby. You just can't deny love!