kitten w/ 2 faces{?} - photo

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  1. BF was trying to show me this pic last night but I was too busy looking at bags that I didn't get to see it. He's stolen? Awww!
  2. Wow ! how odd !!! :shocked:
  3. awww omg. that makes me wanna cry that someone stole it :sad:...damn pms!
  4. thats just evil for someone to steal it. i hope he/she burns in hell for it ......:rant:
  5. They should name him Janus!!

    SOMEONE STOLE HIM??? Asshats!!!!!
  6. someone stole the kitten??? very cruel !!where did you read that??
  7. Awwh hopefully it'll be okay.
  8. Well that when from sad to sadder in no time flat. I would think the poor thing needs special care (especially since it had just only begun nursing the article said). I hope whoever took it will return it or make sure it is taken care of properly. It will be very difficult to hide a kitty with two faces... someone will hear about it and report it (I hope).
  9. That's terrible!! The kitten already didn't have very good odds of making it without special care, and now that it's been stolen, its chances are even slimmer. What a terrible thing to do. :yucky:
  10. Omg How Cute! Wow.
  11. they LOST the kitten? Do you really think someone stole the kitten? Wouldn't the mamma cat be watching over the kitten? Who leaves their houses unlocked like that? Especially when they're in the news? I felt so bad for it, when they showed him on a video it just seemed like he had such a hard time lifting his head, it was so sad....
  12. I wonder if they SOLD it.
  13. oh my gosh, that looks very different.. it is indeed very rare...then again, the cat has two faces.............