Kitten question

  1. My daughters new kitten is doing alot of sneezing. She said she checked on line..and seen where this is normal???

    Is it??? He doesn't seem sick..running all over the place..eating/drinking/peeing/pooping just fine...

    Am I just being a paranoid grandma???
  2. I tend to err on the side of caution... if the kitten was sneezing a lot, the first day I'd make note to continue to watch the kitten carefully the next day, but by day two of frequent sneezing, I'd call the vet and ask. The vet may tell you it is nothing to worry about.
  3. could be an allergy, could be a respiratory problem. be on the safe side and take her to the vet. you'll at least get peace of mind.
  4. i agree with other ladies. I would call the vet to be sure.
  5. Yeah call the vet, maybe take the kitten in just to be sure!
  6. When a kitten is introduced to a new home it has a higher chance of getting sick because its system is weakened by the new environment. He/She needs will adapt, but for the first few days the kitten can get sick.

    Sneezing is the first sign of a cold. My kitten was a little hellion when I got him, running around and getting into trouble. hehe. But he also caught a cold at the same time and sneezed a lot. And his nose started running. I took him the vet and she gave us some medicine. I'd def. take your girl's kitty to the vet.
  7. Has it been wormed? This might be a cause, but as everyone has said, best to check with the vet.
  8. My kitten used to sneeze all the time when she was really young. It subsided as she got older, and now she does't sneeze at all. I don't think it's anything serious, but there's no harm in calling the vet to make sure! :smile:
  9. thank you all for your input. I am going to have her take him in to be checked.

    He was purchased at a Pet Store. They told her and gave her documentation of his first immunizations and "deworming"...but I agree..I think he should be evaluated by our vet just to be sure he's ok.

    I'm not a fan of pet stores..I've read the horrible things about how the animals got there..not to mention some of their "Bogus" I'm going with my grandma gut instinct...and agreeing with you all....He's getting checked.:yes:
  10. Now your thinking the right way!! Pet store animals tend to have a lot of issues at first, usually brought from mills and the sort. A vet check will elliminate any questions and give you piece of mind. A simple sneeze can develop into an upper respiratory infection very quickly. Be sure to get a feline leukemia test will your there. Trust me, I have 3 cats that are considered my children.
  11. Sneezing in Cats

    A sneezing cat may have a cold or allergy. See your veterinarian if your cat's nasal discharge is thick or colored.

    Sneezing in cats is most often associated with upper respiratory infections, or "kitty colds." These are usually viral, but bacterial or fungal causes also occur. A foreign object stuck in a cat's nose-such as a blade of grass-may also cause sneezing. Allergies may be responsible, but they are much less common in cats than they are in humans. There is no specific treatment for sneezing. A sneezing cat should be seen by a veterinarian if nasal discharge is thick or colored. Continuous bouts of sneezing may indicate something is lodged in the nasal passages. Loss of appetite and depression are also signs that your cat needs veterinary attention. Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics and a vaporizer or recommend other diagnostics and treatments.

    My cat Willie sneezes every once in a while. I don't worry because otherwise he seems fine and there's no nasal discharge.
  12. if he was from the pet store, he prob has a upper respiratory infection. my kitties came from a shelter and one of them had a URI and the other one caught it. A week of antibiotics and all good. def call the vet, don't let it get out of control
  13. Probably allergies! I'd call the vet

    My dog sneezes SO much It's kinda cute though! Poor thing wakes up in the middle of the night sneezing!