Kitten in the morning sun

  1. I just had to share a pic that I snapped of my black Persian this morning as she was enjoying the morning sun. I wish I could relax like this all day!

  2. Beautiful picture!!
  3. I love your cat she is so beautiful reminds me of bridgets cat from "girls next door"
  4. Oh she´s a beauty:heart: I have a persian too, they are the greatest.
  5. Aaaaw, she`s so cute :love:
  6. SOOO PEACEFUL, I LOVE IT! How many Persians are you owned by?:p
  7. I can see that she has a terribly hard and stressful life...poor thing. ;) She's a beauty.
  8. aww so smooshy. :smile: J'adore!
  9. I love persians, and your cat is beautiful!
  10. She's gorgeous!
  11. She's beautiful! I love to see cats sunning themselves, they're so cute!
  12. What a beautiful cat! Great pic!
  13. totally stressful lounging in the sun huh?!

    She is really cute
  14. Ha!! Look at that satisfied face! The life of a cat... cute!
  15. She picked the perfect place to relax.