kitten heels..

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  1. Okay, I'm having a heck of time finding any..what I'm looking for are a cute pair of kitten heels size 9 ..must have a mules!!..comfortable and under $250..I've been searching for days..and since I know some of you gals and guys :shame: are pros on the net..maybe you can help me out...I know it seems like this would be easy but thus has not!!
    Thanks in advance!:love:
  2. the only ones i could find were these calvin klein ones from bloomies


    they're $100 and available in your size......
  3. do you know if calvin klein shoes are comfy? btw..thanks for even finding some for me!!
  4. I live in kitten heels!!!I just bought a ton of new ones-Will have my daughter post pics tomorrow!
  5. my only problem with the shoes that i posted (same problem i have with all shoes that have backs) is that they give me blisters in the back (which is why i never wear shoes with backs.....but i think that's bad for my feet).....
  6. Thanks! I can't wait!!
  7. I never wear shoes with backs either, as long as you're not straining trying to keep them on I think it's fine. I have unrelated-to-shoes foot problems so it's comfy for me all the way, even in a dress shoe I wear a slide. I have narrow heels = blisters. But then I live in super comfy Keen brand shoes from Zappos which would probably send most of you away screaming :lol:
  8. Does anyone know any ballet shapes with kitten heels, just like the Marcia from Christian Louboutin (which can't be bought in an 11 for love or money).
  9. just reviving the thread in the hopes that someone can help me!!:amuse:
  10. Have you checked J Crew? I just received a pair of chestnut suede that I had ordered online (they also have leather), and I now see that they are on sale for $99. I will say that the color of the suede in "chestnut" has a bit of green to it which is a little dissapointing, but I wore them out shopping today and they weren't too bad comfort wise.

    Good Luck:biggrin:
  11. Do you have a Neiman's LAst Call around? They'd had tons of them today!
  12. I didn't know they were called kitten heels! I love that kind of shoes! Why called kitten heels though? Aside from the pointyness which reminds me of cat there anything else?
  13. I live in neimans!!:sad2: