Kitten Heels

  1. I am a major fan of kitten heels but I always find that the heel wears out very fast. Does anyone experience this? How often do you get your heel redone?
  2. I don't have that problem, only because I try to rotate through my shoe collection as thoroughly as I can. I don't want to wear out the heel (as you pointed out!)
  3. Your weight is more evenly distributed in kitten heels than, say, 3inch heels, so it would make sense that kitten heels wear out quicker than higher heels, where the weight is normally on the ball of the foot, as opposed to the heel of the foot (makes sense in my head, anyway lol).

    My ankles are terrible from horseback riding and I do go through periods where I can't handle more than a kitten heel. During those periods, if I'm wearing just one or two pairs consistently, I find I have to replace the heel cap at least once every four to six weeks or so.