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  1. Hi,

    Anyone have any coupons for kitson online???? pleassse thanks!
  2. ooh i would like to know as well! there is the cutest cashmere hello kitty hoodie i have been eyeing!
  3. sorry ladies, sorry to break the news, but NO on the kitson coupons -i work @ kitson, and well... we pretty much never discount that much in the store that's current OR hard to find cuz we'll typically sell out of it in a week or two (it's a busy place)
  4. and you better pick up your hello kitty cashmere before they're long gone!! they're exclusive for us, and we only got a couple in each size -we took them out about a week ago and they're going fast!

    -so, better order yours or call the store if you want to make sure you get your size!!
  5. ^ the hello kitty cashmere stuff is everywhere in paris. they have it in galleri lafayette and printemps. so if you luck out with kitson id be happy to pick one up for u
  6. aww thanks for the offer! i love it, its so cute, but i am so allergic to cashmere, i'm contemplating taking an allergy pill everytime i wear it...hehe
  7. i think a few threads ago, nishi612 posted a 25% off discount code for jewelry from Kitson

    try this one


    up until mid sep
  8. I Too Am Eagerly Seeking The Same Coupon Code!
    Please Help!
  9. If there's no response, there's likely no coupon for it.
  10. Janny, I heard the Kitson men's store just opened yesterday? Is it walking distance? It must be fun working @ Kitson :yes:
  11. YES, kitson men opened on saturday -they have TONS more stuff than when it was in our store

    -PLUS... that means we have more room for an expanded denim bar and shoe/handbag section!!

    (and its not THAT fun, but its got its perks :P)

    ... and im doubting the online coupons, but i will ask the internet manager next time i see him for you gals
  12. goodmornin, i tried the 25% off coupon on a CC Skye bracelet, but it didn't work :sad: