Kitchenaid Mixer "how to" question

  1. I :heart: my Kitchenaid mixer!

    The whisk and dough beater don't get as far down into the bowl as they used to.

    For example, the whisk/beater just don't get the bottom section of ingredients like they used to. The problem has gotten worse over the years.

    I vaguely remember something about an adjustment I could make to lower the thing the beater/whisk/hook secures onto. I can't find my manual.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  2. From their help website:

    "KitchenAid suggests that the beater to bowl clearance should be 1/16" for optimum mixing results. It is possible that the beater to bowl clearance for your stand mixer may need to be adjusted occasionally.

    To determine if the clearance is at the correct level, place a dime in the bottom of the mixer bowl, insert the flat beater, and turn the mixer to "Stir" speed. The beater should just graze the dime and move it approximately 3/4" each time it goes around the bowl. If the beater does not touch the dime, the clearance is too high. If the beater has great difficulty pushing the dime around the bottom of the bowl, the clearance is too low.

    The clearance may be adjusted with the screw that is located under the head of the mixer. To lower the beater, turn the screw SLIGHTLY (1/4 turn) clockwise or right. To raise the beater, turn the screw SLIGHTLY (1/4 turn) counter clockwise or left. Adjustment should be made only with the flat beater in place. If the clearance is correct for the flat beater, it will be correct for the dough hook and wire whip, as well. For specific instructions, please refer to your Recipe & Instruction Book. This adjustment should correct the problem you are experiencing. If you need assistance with the adjustment, call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-541-6390."

    Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Thank you, Claire!

    Your tip worked! Dime is safe. Beaters are much more effective.

    THANK YOU!!!
  4. No problem! ;)
  5. Fantastic. I just stumbled on this thread, and am off to adjust mine as well.

    I love this forum.